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« on: September 30, 2011, 07:19:25 am »

Rules of the Chat Room - Section I:

1.  The Golden Rule:  You are treated based upon how you act.  If you act like a human being, you will be treated like one.  If you act like an animal, you will be treated as such.

2.  No guest nicknames.

3.  You will be kicked for certain actions (and believe me, deep down, you know what they are).  The following will get you thrown out: being under aged (You must be 18+ to be in the room), drug use (illegal), racism (that's a big kick), not following the rules (that's pretty self explainitory), harassing others (IF, the person tells the manager of the room that they are being harassed, if not, then there's no way to tell), and if you're being immature.

4.  Actions are posted by typing a forward slash, then the word me and then whatever NONVERBAL action your character is doing.  Example:  /me walks to the window.  (it shows up in the chat screen as...Cara walks to the window, in a different color font than the verbal font.)  No useless actions.  If your cahracter is waiting for another to reply or return an action, don't keep posting /me waiting or /me taps foot while waiting.  If the character you're waiting for seems to be taking a long time to post, whisper in a private chat window to get their attention.

5.  In character (IC) fights are kept in character, as out of character (OOC) ones are kept OOC.  Use ))'s if you are OOC.  We realize that this cannot always happen, and will not ask you to be around a person, or people that you truly dislike for the sake of a character relaionship.

6.  If the room contains more than two people, and the conversation only includes two members of the room (this is out of character by the way, in character you don't have to do this), please take it to instant message or whisper.  Things like this interupt the game, and are annoying.

7.  Try not to speak for characters who are not present (unless the character is up for grabs).  Example: The Duncan, Cara and Amanda characters are taken, but the Richie character is still open.  You cannot say, "I spoke to Amanda today on the phone and she said....."  (The exception would be if you and that player were working together on a storyline and the person playing Amanda wants you to cover for her because she's going to be  late getting to the room).  You can talk about the Richie character (phone conversations, etc.) because it is an open character.  The reason for this is so that a player who may have been gone for a few days, comes back only to have to deal with situations that have cropped up around a phone call (let's say) they never made. And NEVER play an active character who is not yours!

8.  None of the characters have any special magical powers (other than the Immortal buzz).  This isn't a crossover of any kind.

9.  Let's try to keep the room's rating at R (graphic violence, and limited adult content).  Try and keep the profanity to a minimum (especially during daytime hours when children may be peeking over shoulders), be sparing with the stage blood (we can't afford to reorder very often) and above all limit the sexual content (don't be overly descriptive) by thinking...maturity & class.  (and definately no kinky stuff)

10.  Once you have entered the room, be prepared to begin playing.  Don't just come in and immediately type "brb" and spend the rest of the time in whispers. This is not a public chat room this room is for role play only.

11.  We want to cut down on "lurkers" as much as possible.  The reason? Because some players are not comfortable performing before a "live audience".  So, unless you have discussed it with the administrator or Moderator previously, don't just enter the room and watch.  (The biggest exception to this rule is with newcomers that would like to observe how we do things before jumping in.)

12.  Your character will be consider "active" from the day your Membership Agreementis accepted and posted until the day you terminate your membership (or are terminated) regardless of attendance, unless you have been absent and out of contact with an other member for longer than 2 weeks. Then your character will be put in limbo (sent on a hiatus of sorts) as attempts are made to contact you,  After another 2 week period your character will be listed as available and your membership terminated.  So, please, if you see that you are becoming less and less active, especially if you are playing a Cannon character, consider relinquishing your character so that someone able to keep it active may play it.  (it really messes up story lines otherwise).

13.  Banning:  As lenient as we are here you can get "banned".  The reasons are the obvious ones.  Abusive actions toward other players, disregarding rules on a continuous basis, lack of respect for other players, moderators, and the entire Paul for Bond site, and any actions outside the game that hurt other players or reflect badly on the Paul for Bond site or the game community.  In most cases a player will get a couple of warnings before the decision to take more serious action is brought up to Administration, but once banned and membership is're done.  We don't need to spend countless hours giving out warning after warning to deaf ears.

14.  All written material on this site, stays on this site.  All original characters (other than the one you're playing)  remain on this site.  All fan-fiction remains on this site.

15.  The game is played in our chat room.  All scenes must be played there as this is a live action role playing game...not a play by email game.

Battle Rules - Section II:

1.  No one who runs the game or the chat, is a Game Master, or Dungen Master.  If you want to get into a battle, it's all on you to deal with it.  DO NOT ask the heads of the game or the hosts of the room to validate moves.  We do NOT use dice, or pens and paper.

2.  Look at The Rules of the Immortals section for further explaination.

3.  If you are hit, you take the hit by showing that you've fallen, have been disoriented, or have dropped your weapon, or something of that nature. You also don't need long, drawn out, and detailed actions, but don't use a number of one word actions such as "sits," "falls," or "trips".  Make it a little more complicated than that.  Besides, stupid one word actions lag others, disrupt the game, and get you put on ignore.

4.  You do not need to confirm hits with "does so," or "sees it happen." We see it, we know it happened.  We go by whose action appeared first on the screen, and if there is a dispute over it, majority rules.

5.  Spelling errors are not a reason to invalidate the hit/kill/etc.

6.  The style of fighting is decided by the two combatants.


Setting Rules - Section III:

1.  The setting is NOT on holy ground. It can be in anywhere in the world.
     A.  If you don't live there, you do not spend the night, have sex, take drugs (hell even those that live there don't), or do anything else like that there.  DO IT IN YOUR OWN SPACE!!
     B.  Golden Rule: You DO NOT destroy the buildings!
     C.  You don't hide anything there that will destory anything in or around the building.  We're not playing the moving game again.

2.  The time that passes is like time in the real world, days are not months, seconds are not hours.  Days are days, hours are hours, months are months.  No skipping ahead!!

3. Actions such as the changing of a location, are done in the room, as they are in real life.  You must explain how you were able to move from one location to another (there, that's the wording I'm looking for).  *** an example: Your character is on a plane.  They CANNOT magically appear on your, their own, or their friend's front door step.

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