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Jason's Membership Agreement
« on: May 06, 2012, 01:51:25 am »
 Membership Agreement

By becoming a member of Highlander: The RPG I, [Jason Hixenbaugh] promise to abide by and uphold the regulations and guidelines in this membership agreement and of the community.

By becoming a member of this community:

I, [Jason Hixenbaugh] realize that I must sign this membership agreement within one week (7 days) of joining Highlander: The RPG. If I do not sign the agreement within the seven (7) day time frame, my membership is subject to termination unless I give a valid reason (tragedy, emergency, computer availability issue, etc.). However, if I am able to send my full profile in, I realize that I am able to sign this agreement, and should do so before completing any other task.

By signing this agreement I am stating that I will familiarize myself with past Chronicles (and thereby familiarizing myself with the game's history) and the current characters in play and that I am agreeing to the following terms:

I agree to complete the Profile template for my character and submit it and any required pictures for approval within seven (7) days of joining Highlander: The RPG.  If I cannot submit a Profile within the seven (7) day period I must contact the Moderators to request an extension.

I agree that once my character's profile has been posted I will be given the link to the chat room (key to the Sandbox) and that I am not to give that link out to anyone.

I agree that once my character's profile has been accepted it is my responsibility to create a story line to introduce my character (unless one the Moderators tell me otherwise)

I realize that what I have contributed (character information, pictures, quotes and messages) belongs to me, and I [Jason Hixenbaugh] realize that I may request for these to be taken down upon my willing departure.

I realize that if I am no longer interested in being a part of the community, that I am free to leave at any point with MOST (history, family arrangement, pictures and quotes) of the information that I have contributed.

I realize that anything that the Moderator has created (anything marked with a copyright symbol including profile outlines, character descriptions and outlines, rules, dictionaries, quotes, character profiles and so on), belongs solely to them, and that I am not to remove it from this community.

I realize that if I claim a cannon character that has been previously in play that I must abide by the character's history and relationships established by the previous player.

I am to respect the rights, feelings, and wishes of others in the community.

I realize that even though this is a game, there are real people behind the characters and screen who have feelings, that I must respect, and take into consideration at all times.

I realize that if I do decide to invite a friend (as much as the Moderator is against this...) I am responsible for their actions, and I am not to complain if their membership is terminated, however; I have the right to discuss the situation with the Moderator. If I give the Moderator a hard time about the decision, I am also subject to membership termination.

I realize that the Moderator has the right to change this agreement when she so chooses, and that I am to fill out the most recent copy of this membership agreement.

I realize that though the Moderator reserves the right to change this agreement at anytime, I am allowed at least twenty four hours notice to read over the agreement before I sign.

I realize that the rules will most likely not be changed, and that I am to abide by new and old rules for the duration of my stay on the community.

I realize that if I need time away from the group and the game, and I am ABLE (barring injury, tragedy, travel without computer access, family change/emergency), I will let the Moderator know that I will not be present for a certain amount of time. I also realize that during this absence, my profile, pictures, quotes, and other things that I have contributed will remain safe unless I:
  • Do not give notice that I am leaving. If this is the case, my material will be deleted in sixty (60) days. However; I am entitled to a week's notice before this occurs.
  • Let the Moderator know that I would like the items that I have contributed to be taken down until my return.
  • Am banned from the community. In the event that this happens, my material will NOT be returned to me.
I realize that if I am banned, the ban is life long, and I will not be let back into the community under any circumstances.

I have agreed to these terms on [05/05/2012] at [11:58 PM], and will abide by, and uphold them for the duration of my stay on the community.

[Jason Hixenbaugh],  e-signature.

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