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WATCHERS / Calvin Hammond
« on: August 02, 2012, 11:15:01 am »
Calvin Hammond

Full Name:  Calvin Hammond

AKAs:  None.

DOB:  May 15th, 1965

Age:  47

Sex:  Male

Hair color:  Brown

Eye Color:  Blue

Nationality:  American

Residence:  Arlington, VA

Close Friends:  None

Assignment:  Head of the East Coast Watcher Division

Languages:  English, French.

Personality:  Workaholic, calculating, arrogant

Any Special Skills:  A Pencil artist in his spare time.

History:  Calvin is descended from a long line of Watchers, going back on his father’s side nearly 10 generations.  While, his mother was not a Watcher, is mother’s father was, and so on back that line for 5 generations.  His father pulled stings and got Calvin admitted into the Watcher academy during his senior year of High School.  After graduating from High school and the Watchers' academy, before getting his first assignment, Calvin went back home to marry is high school sweetheart.
  While following his first assignment, Calvin and his wife found out they were expecting.  Ten months to the day after their wedding, Calvin’s wife went into labor in the early hours of the morning.  After 18 hours of labor, Calvin’s wife passed away, along with their infant son.  Mother and son were buried together.  Calvin’s father allowed him one week after the funeral to, literally, drown his sorrows, and then forced his son back to work, telling him that work would be good for him.
  Calvin did just that, and through himself into his work.  Calvin’s first assignment lost his head two years later.  Calvin proceeded to rise steadily in the ranks of Watchers after that.  His own parents died three years after his first assignment, leaving Calvin in possession of a considerable fortune.  However, Calvin felt the loneliness keenly, and began taking in foster children and guiding them, until they graduated high school and occasionally their first couple years after, before arranging for them to study abroad while in college.


MORTALS / Jonathon Hayes
« on: February 12, 2012, 11:06:33 am »
Jonathon Hayes

Full Name: Jonathon Hayes
DOB: August 18th, 1977

True Age: 34

Sex: Male

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6'0”


Nationality: American

Occupation: Lawyer

Residence: New York, New York.
Close Friends: There’s lots of them.
Languages: English and French.

Personality: He’s got the arrogance of any good lawyer, but is still a kind and caring man.
Any Special Skills: Law
History: Jonathon grew up in South Chicago, and had a rough childhood.  His older brother, who joined a gang, died in a gang shoot out.  With that example before him, and the help of programs through his middle and high school, Jonathon managed to avoid gangs.  He was a straight A student and won a full ride scholarship to Harvard, where he was pre-law. 

It was at Harvard, where he met and started dating cereal  heiress, Zoe Kellogg.  The two dated off and on for several years.  They both finally called it quits for good, during Jonathon’s second year of Law School.  Both Zoe and Jonathon came to the mutual conclusion they both wanted to see other men.

Jonathon has since made a very successful career for himself in property law.  Though he does take care of a few other things, for a few select, close friends.

IMMORTALS / Ingrid Torvaldtytar
« on: February 04, 2012, 07:35:23 am »

Ingrid Torvaldtytar

Full Name:  Ingrid Torvaldtytar
AKAs: Currently: Colonel Ingrid Thorsen

DOB: 812 AD
Apparent Age: 20’s.           
True Age:  Approx: 1200
Sex:  Female
Hair color:         Dark Blond              
Eye Color:  Hazel
Height:    5’4”            
Weight: 120 lbs
Nationality:           Norse 
Residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Close Friends:  None
Teacher: Kanwulf: The Viking

Watcher:  Major General Harding
Languages:    Norse, English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish
Personality:    Doesn’t care much for The Game.  Always more interested in what’s new.
Any Special Skills:    Technology.
Participation in The Game: Neutral.....
Number of Quickenings:  Exact number unknown – estimated to be fairly low

Weapon of Choice:  Viking Sword

Ingrid was born the youngest daughter of a clan chief.  From the time she was a young girl, she was taught that all she had to worry about in life, was learning a woman’s duties, so as to please her future husband.  After all, given who her father was, she was guaranteed to marry well, and no husband would dare to mistreat her.  However, Ingrid had no desire for a woman’s life of marriage.  Ingrid was fascinated by weapons and fighting.  A woman in her father’s army took pity on her, and under the guise of teaching Ingrid how to defend herself, taught the young woman how to fight.

When Ingrid was 15, her father told her, he was arranging her marriage.  To one of her father’s contemporaries, a man Ingrid had never liked.  Knowing it was fruitless to argue, Ingrid used the training she had been given, and packed that night, and took the weapons and small armors she had acquired over the years and fled the settlement.  She fled and took up arms, under another clan chief, far enough away to not have to worry about coming into combat against her family.

It was with this other clan, Ingrid was able to truly excel.  This new clan lived along the coast.  They did a combination of exploring and trading.  Sadly, while they were not a clan that raided, there were others that did.  It was an expedition, that was supposed to be trading, when they were mistaken for raiders, where Ingrid was fatally injured.  She did help many others escape back to the long boats, and was on a long boat herself, when she was gut shot with an arrow.  Determined to see the homeland again, Ingrid manage to hold on, until they reached home, and then died as they were removing her from the longboat.

When Ingrid awoke it was in the home of one of the clan’s warrior’s who lived on a farmstead out of the village.  It was in the home of Kanwulf.  A man who was one of the best with sword, and was even better with his ax.  Kanwulf told Ingrid that she was immortal, and offered to teach her.  Not that he told, she needed much instruction, but he would help her improve her sword play to be up to immortal standards.  Ingrid stayed with Kanwulf for a year, before Kanwulf himself fell to an injury in battle, and so he could no longer hide Ingrid on his homestead.  He needed to move on, and so did she.  They traveled together until they reached a place to purchase horses and then went their separate ways.

Though never spending more than a day or two in each other’s company after that, they were always amicable meetings.

Through the years, Ingrid traveled always searching for new things.  As time progressed it became obvious it was new technologies that appealed to her.  And as even more time progressed, working for or with governments became the best way to have access to these technologies.

In the 1950’s, Ingrid got a job working for Sandia National Laboratories in Las Alamos, New Mexico.  At this time they were doing tests on the after effects of radiation poisoning on humans.  It was during this time, Ingrid managed to test herself, and found that immortals, appear to be immunned to all effects of radiation.  Which Ingrid felt was just as well.

In the late 1990’s Ingrid joined the Air Force, entering the Air Force Academy.  Ingrid excelled in all physical demands of the Air Force.  She was careful to hold herself back academically.  She didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself, after all.

In late 2010, Ingrid was transferred, to the post she had aimed for, since joining the Air Force.  Ingrid was transferred to NORAD, and got the opportunity to work in its central command area, where she remains…

As an immortal, Ingrid is well known for her dislike of the game.  She avoids the game wherever possible and only fights when she has no choice.  Though when she does, she makes sure to win.

There is one instance recorded where in 2005, while posted at Barksdale Air Force base in Louisiana, Ingrid was challenged.  In response, Ingrid pulled out her service arm and shot the challenging immortal directly in the heart and head.  Then left, without taking the other immortal’s head and returned to base, which is holy ground, and did not leave the base until she was transferred else where.

It is suspected by the Watcher’s though not provable, that this was not the first, nor is it likely that it will be the last instance in which Ingrid, forcibly backs away from a fight.

Character played by Nicole

JOE'S BAR / Re: ABCs of Geography
« on: January 18, 2012, 09:42:20 am »
Xenia, Ohio

JOE'S BAR / Re: Immortal ABCs
« on: January 18, 2012, 09:29:56 am »
Xavier St. Cloud  (Wow...  that was hard.  Please, note sarcasm.  ;) )

JOE'S BAR / Re: Immortal ABCs
« on: November 27, 2011, 10:57:40 am »
Ingrid Henning (The Valkyrie, Season V)

« on: November 27, 2011, 10:35:44 am »
The part of Amanda is temporarily being understudied

Joe parks his car in the parking lot of Zoe's hotel, gets out and heads inside. He walks through the lobby and goes straight up to her room. Before knocking on her door he glances in his reflection in one of the paintings on the hallway wall and fixes his tie. Then he knocks on the door.

Zoe gets up and walks to the door at the sound of the knock. A brief peek through the peep hole, reveals that it is Joe.

Zoe Good evening! How was your Christmas?

Zoe asks throwing the door open.

Joe Lonely.

Joe admits holding out a small bouquet of flowers.

Zoe Oh, Joe, they're lovely.

Zoe says taking the bouquet and putting them to her nose immediately to smell them.

Zoe Just let me get them into some water, and then I'm ready to go.

Joe You looked beautiful, by the way.

Joe says giving Zoe a kiss on her cheek.

Zoe Thank you.

Zoe grins.

Zoe You don't look half bad yourself.

Joe 's cheeks redden and he smiles.

Joe Thanks.

Joe says humbly.

Zoe More than welcome.

Zoe grins reaching for a black wool trench coat, which she had tossed over the bed, once she had placed the flowers into a class with some water.

Joe holds out his elbow for Zoe to take and when she does he escorts her down the hallway to the elevator.

Joe I hope you're hungry.

Joe says as they wait for the elevator car to arrive.

Zoe Starved. I'm surprised you can't hear my tummy rumbling.

Zoe laughs.

Joe chuckles as they board the elevator car when it arrives. He proceeds to escort Zoe out of the hotel and to his car...helps her get in then gets into the drivers seat and heads out of the parking lot. He drives to the parking lot of the Queen of Spades Showboat and **** and parks. He walks around to the passenger door and holds it open with one hand while holding out his other hand to help Zoe out of the car.

Joe I think you'll like this place. A good friend of mine owns and runs it.

Joe says as he waits for Zoe to take his hand.

Zoe It's Beautiful.

Zoe grins.

Joe escorts Zoe up the gang his name to the man at the top and, once his reservation is confirmed he escorts Zoe onto the main deck of the boat.

Amanda The double glass doors that lead to the **** fly open and Amanda steps across the threshold. She smiles broadly when she sees Joe and his date approaching and she rushes up to Joe a kiss on each cheek.

Amanda's great to see you. Welcome to the Queen of Spades.

Amanda gushes.

Joe 's cheeks blush a little and he smiles.

Joe You look fantastic, as usual, Amanda.

Joe says, kissing her cheek.

Joe Zoe Kellogg....I'd like you to meet Amanda Darieux. Amanda....this is Zoe.

Joe says stepping back a step.

Zoe Nice to meet any friend of Joe's.

Zoe says smiling and offering her hand.

Amanda takes Zoe's hand and smiles demurely.

Amanda Hello.

Amanda says sweetly and looks Zoe up and down.

Amanda Let me guess.....real estate broker?

Amanda says guessing at Zoe's vocation based on her appearance.

Zoe No. Stock broker.

Zoe says with a grin.

Amanda elbows Joe teasingly.

Amanda Well.....I was close. I knew it had something to do with money.

Amanda laughs with a wink.

Amanda Joseph.....your dining room is ready on the top deck so you and Zoe go on up and enjoy your evening. I have to get back to the tables and make sure no one's robbing me blind.

Amanda says with a giggle. She places a kiss on Joe's cheek, turns and with a wave disappears through the double doors.

Joe shakes his head and chuckles.

Joe She grows on you.

Joe says to Zoe in explanation.

Joe Shall we?

Joe asks, extending his arm for Zoe.

Zoe Sure.

 Zoe says taking Joe's arm.

Zoe How'd you meet Amanda?

Zoe asks curiously.

Joe quickly runs through his answer options as he escorts Zoe up to the top deck.

Joe A mutual friend introduced us.

Joe finally decides to use as his answer. When they reach the doors leading into the private dining area, he opens one and holds it open for Zoe.

Zoe Oh, okay.

Zoe says stepping through the door Joe held open for her.

Zoe Let me guess... Duncan? He seams like the type.

Zoe chuckles, taking a guess out of the two male friends of Joe's she's met.

Joe As a matter of fact.

Joe says with a grin.

A man in a tuxedo approaches them and escorts Joe and Zoe to a table set up on the private observation deck. He holds out a chair for Zoe and, when they are seated sets menus on the table in front of them then disappears.

****2 hours later****

Zoe Oh, Joe, that dinner was lovely, and the view!

Zoe sighs, smiling brightly at Joe.

As if on cue the sky over the sound lights up as Seacouver's New Years Fireworks show begins.

Zoe Happy New Year.

Zoe says to Joe.

Joe lifts his champagne glass to hers and smiles lovingly.

Joe Happy New Year.

Zoe lifts her glass in return.

Joe says as their glasses clink. As he takes a sip of his champagne he fishes into his coat pocket and takes out the red velvet box. He sets it on the table and slides it over to Zoe.

Joe And a belated Merry Christmas.

Joe says with a wink.

Zoe Joe! You shouldn't have gotten me anything!

Zoe protests.

Zoe But, thank you.

Zoe says.

Joe I do a lot of things I shouldn't.

Joe says with a mischievous wink.

 Zoe picks up the box, and hesitates for a moment and then opens it. Once she does, she gasps.

Zoe Oh, Joe...

Zoe says, picking the necklace out of the box.

Zoe I love it!

Zoe says, turning it in her hands and putting it to her neck, putting it on.

Zoe How does it look?

Joe secretly breathes a sigh of relief.

Zoe asks smiling.

Joe Like it was made for you.

Joe says looking at Zoe in the light of the fireworks.

Zoe You are such a charmer, Joe Dawson!

Zoe laughs.

The bells of St. Michael's Cathedral begin to toll declaring the beginning of the new year and Auld Lang Syne begins to play over the speaker system. Joe gets to his feet and walks over to Zoe. He extends his hand.

Joe May I have this dance?

Joe asks softly.

Zoe Love too.

Zoe says putting her hand in Joe's and standing up.

Joe waltzes Zoe around the private deck as the fireworks show comes to a close in a dramatic finale of lights and colors.

JOE'S BAR / Re: ABCs of Geography
« on: November 27, 2011, 10:07:26 am »
Ithica, NY

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