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« on: April 08, 2013, 11:28:58 am »
 Nikki is sitting on the top rung of the fence, watching Liam work with one of the horses.

Haley comes around the corner of a barn and spots Nikki sitting on a fence. Haley wanders over to lean against the fence next to Nikki.

Haley: Hey Nikki.

Haley says her eyes out where Nikki's are, on Liam and the horse.

Nikki turns and looks over her shoulder. She smiles at Haley and pats the fence rung next to her.

Nikki: Hey you. Join me.

Nikki says, motioning Haley to join her.

Nikki: Where have you been? I hardly see you anymore.

Nikki says with a giggle.

Haley: Good. Great, actually

Haley replies with a grin as she hosts herself up onto the fence.

Nikki: You do look rather pleased with yourself.

Nikki teases.

Nikki: What's up?

Nikki asks, quirking an eyebrow.

Haley: Well... I'm not actually sure what to think...

Haley replies.

Nikki looks at Haley.

Nikki: This sounds serious. Want to go someplace a little more private to talk?

Nikki asks, curiously.

Haley: Umm... yeah

Haley says a little hesitantly

Nikki swings her legs over to the outside of the fence and jumps down.

Nikki: Follow me.

Nikki says and heads for the house.

Haley slides down from the fence and follows Nikki

Instead of going in the back gate of the house, Nikki leads Haley around the house and a about 500 yards away. She stops under a thicket of trees and sits down on the ground, leaning against the trunk of a large oak.

Nikki: Now.....what's on your mind, Kiddo?

Nikki asks as she waits for Haley to sit down.

Haley plops down onto the ground next Nikki

Haley: Well...

Haley shifts a little, wondering if she'd just be better off spitting it out.

Nikki: That's a deep subject for shallow minds.

Nikki teases.

Haley snorts and laughs at that comment.

Haley: That it is.

Haley agrees.

Nikki thinks how grown up Haley has become since being here.

Haley: So umm... What do you think of Brandon?

Haley asks, wanting to hear Nikki's hopefully, unbiased opinion

Nikki: He seems like a real nice guy. And it's clear that he really is fond of you.

Nikki says with a teasing smirk.

Nikki: Why do you ask?

Nikki asks, quirking an eyebrow questioningly.

Haley: He umm.... proposed.

Haley says watching Nikki for her reaction.

Nikki: He....proposed?

Nikki asks, surprised

Nikki: As in will you marry me?

Haley: Uh huh.

Haley nods affirmatively.

Nikki: You're kidding.

Nikki says, excitedly.

Nikki: Sooo? What did you say?

Nikki asks, sitting forward and looking intently at Haley

Haley: I want to say yes but... I told him I needed to think about it and that I wanted to talk to you about it.

Haley replies honestly.

Nikki: You want to say yes?

Nikki asks, a bit surprised. She had expected that Haley would tell her that she was ready to high tail it out of there. The fact that she wants to say yes speaks volumes about how much Haley has grown.

Haley: I think so... but at the same time, I'm not sure I'm ready, I mean... I am only 17.

Haley replies.

Nikki: Do you love him?

Nikki asks, seriously.

Haley: I'm rather new to the whole concept of love... But I think so.

Haley says.

Nikki: Can you describe how you feel when you're with him?

Nikki asks, plucking a blade of green sweet grass from the ground and sucking on the end of it.

Haley: I... I miss him when he's not with me, even though I know it won't be long before I see him. And when I do see him, my heart.. jumps. It and everything.. it feels lighter, seams brighter when I'm with him... does that make any sense?

Haley asks shaking her head a little as she tries to put her feelings into words.

Nikki smiles and nods.

Nikki: Makes perfect sense. How do you feel when you guys are apart?

Nikki asks, still looking intently at Haley.

Haley: I miss him. I wish he was with me, or I with him.

Haley replies promptly.

Nikki: Well....guess what.

Nikki says with a giggle.

Nikki: You are definitely in love. No bout a doubt it.

Nikki says with a laugh.

Haley: Well that's good to know.

Haley sighs.

Nikki: Soo? Are you going to say yes?

Nikki presses.

Haley: I don't know.

Haley huffs slightly.

Haley: I want to, I'm just not sure it's a good idea.

Nikki: Why not?

Nikki asks, furrowing her brow. For Haley to have found love is a HUGE milestone. And Nikki would hate to see her throw it away out of fear.

Haley: I'm only 17 which is really young for marriage. And given my history I'm not not sure I'm not sure I'd make a good wife... and Brandon.. Brandon deserves better than me.

Haley sighs.

Nikki: Haley HAVE to stop thinking like that. You are an awesome person. Brandon....or any guy for that matter, would be lucky to have you.

Nikki says, adamantly

Haley smiles at Nikki adamant defense of herself.

Nikki: And as to making a good wife.....nobody gets it right at first. It's not something that comes scratching an itch or sneezing.

Nikki says.

Nikki: Remember...Brandon's young, too. And he's never been married before so you will both be learning together. The best way to learn.

Nikki says, matter of factly.

Haley: I suppose that if proposed that means he wants me, and if he wants me, who am I to argue about what he wants.

Haley says more to herself.

Nikki: He wants want him. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Nikki says with a wink.

Nikki: You deserve to be loved and to be happy, Haley.

Nikki says, reaching out and taking Haley's hands in hers.

Nikki: I am so very happy for you. You guys look great together. And you're still young enough that you have your whole lives ahead of you.

Haley: I'm glad you approve.

Haley grins feeling relieved.

As Nikki leans over and hugs Haley, a thought comes to mind and she places her hands on Haley’s upper arms and pulls her back, looking directly into her eyes.

Nikki: You know.....if you get become a legal adult. You know what that means?

Nikki asks with a new excitement.

Haley shakes her head.

Haley: No...

Haley says not sure what Nikki is getting at.

Nikki: You don't have to live with a parent.

Nikki says and watches Haley's expression.

Haley: Of course I wouldn't....

Haley starts then trails off as she realizes exactly what Nikki WAS getting at.

Haley: I'd never have to see him again.

Haley whispers her eyes shining at the thought.


To Be Continued

« on: November 19, 2012, 09:22:03 am »

Lt. Evans
gathers his keys, etc. from the ex-ray machine at the entrance to the Seacouver Superior Courthouse and walks over to the directory on the marble wall next to the bank of elevators. He looks up Judge Everson and finds her location, then gets into one of the elevators and rides it in silence, to the floor where Ally's court room and chambers are. He gets out of the elevator and walks confidently and purposefully to the glass door with the name Judge Ally Everson painted on the glass in gold letters. He pushes open the door and walks up to the secretary's desk.

Lt. Evans: Ahem.

Lt. Evans clears his throat to get the Administrative Assistant's attention.

The Administrative Assistant looks up and sees a detective standing before him.

The Administrative Assistant: Can I help you, Detective?

The Administrative Assistant asks.

Lt. Evans takes out his ID and shows it to the Administrative Assistant.

Lt. Evans: I'm Detective Larry Evans with Seacouver County Sheriff's Investigation Division and I have an appointment to see Judge Everson.

Lt. Evans says and smiles politely.

The Administrative Assistantreplies and stands up going to the office and tapping on it, he then enters, shutting the door behind him.

Lt. Evans: Thank you.

Lt. Evans says and takes a step back from the desk. He, nonchalantly, looks around at the decor of the Judge's outer office.

The Administrative Assistant: Judge Everson? Lieutenant Evans is here to see.

The Administrative Assistant says once the door is shut on Ally's office.

Aldria: Ah, yes. I've been expecting him. Please send him in.

Aldria says with a smile.

The Administrative Assistant: Yes, your honor.

The Administrative Assistant replies and opens the office door stepping outside.

The Administrative Assistant: Lt. Evans? She'll see you now?

The Administrative Assistant says holding the door, so the detective could enter the office.

Lt. Evans: Thank you.

Lt. Evans says and smiles at the Assistant. Then he walks into the Judge's chambers.

Lt. Evans: I'm glad you consented to setting aside some time to see me, Your Honor.

The Administrative Assistant pulls the shut behind him.

Lt. Evans says to Ally as he approaches her desk.

Aldria: Lt. Evans, please take a seat.

Aldria says gesturing towards the chairs in front of her desk.

Lt. Evans: Thank you.

Lt. Evans says, politely and walks in front of the chair. Before sitting down, he removes a small note pad from the inside pocket of his sport coat. He opens the notepad and takes out copies of two, an enhanced copy of the news paper photo of the man on the stairs behind Nicayla Flynn....and one is a closeup of Nicayla. He hands them to the Judge before sitting down

Aldria accepts the photographs and looks them over, then looks back at the Detective and raises her left eyebrow, curious as to where this is going.

Lt. Evans: I believe that you know the young lady in that photo....correct?

Lt. Evans says nodding toward the photo Ally was holding in her left hand.

Aldria: Of course. Nikki Flynn. She runs the ranch for troubled teens I support.

Aldria nods.

Lt. Evans: When was the last time you spoke to or saw Miss Flynn?

Lt. Evans asks...his voice remaining in a respectful tone.

Aldria frowns trying to remember.

Aldria: I believe it was about a month and half to two months ago. Why?

Aldria asks.

Lt. Evans: Did she say anything to you about plans to leave town for any reason?

Lt. Evans asks while making notes in his notepad.

Aldria shakes her head.

Aldria: No. She didn't.

Lt. Evans leans forward in his chair with interest.

Lt. Evans: How well do you know Miss Flynn?

Lt. Evans asks...his intense gaze locked with the judge's.

Aldria: We're friends, but casual friends. By no means intimate.

Lt. Evans: Do you know of any one who might have wanted to do Miss Flynn harm?

Lt. Evans asks...his gaze still locked with the if he is trying to see into her soul.

Aldria thinks it over for a moment, and unable to give the COMPLETE truth to the mortal shakes her head slowly.

Aldria: Not that I know of. I can't think of anyone with a grudge or the like, against Nikki. Granted, as I said, its not as though we're close friends, I'm not entirely sure I would know if someone had it out for her.

Not getting the vibe from the Judge that she is intentionally holding back information, the Lieutenant leans back in his chair and relaxes a little.

Lt. Evans: Have you ever seen the man in the other photo before?

Lt. Evans asks without looking up from his notepad.  He already knows who Pierson is but this is one of his tactics to test how honest the person he is interrogating is going to be.

Aldria: Yes, I have. But I think its time YOU told me what this is all about, Detective.

Aldria says watching the Lt. for what signs his body language could give her.

Under normal circumstance....if this were a "normal" interview....Larry would respond to her last statement by...first, ignoring it and continuing to ask his questions....then by pointing out that he is in charge and he asks the questions...not her. But this was NOT the "norm" because he wasn't dealing with some Joe Blow Citizen. This was a Superior Court Judge who anytime and for any reason....have him slapped in jail with a contempt of court charge and the Seacouver County Sheriff would not find that at all amusing.

Lt. Evans: It seems that Miss Flynn has gone missing.

Lt. Evans says simply.

Aldria: Any sign of fowl play?

Aldria asks concerned.

Lt. Evans shakes his head.

Lt. Evans: No signs of anything. She was just there one day and gone the next and no one has heard from her. Not her foreman, or the friend he told us that she usually stays with when she stays in town.

Lt. Evans says, watching the Judge out of the corner of his eye.

Aldria: Huh. That's very odd...

Aldria frowns thinking it over, wondering what could have happened.

Aldria: Well, that,

Aldria puts the second picture down.

Aldria: Is Dr. Adam Pierson. A PhD linguist out of Sobornne in France.

Lt. Evans's eyes shot up to the judge's face. Someone had finally given a name to Flynn's mysterious escort.

Lt. Evans: So you know him? This Dr. Pierson?

Lt. Evans asks with renewed interest.

Aldria: Yes. I do. But, detective I think you need to give me more information.

Aldria replies.

Aldria: This is obviously more than just a simple missing adult, persons.

Lt. Evans hated being forced into a position of sharing information with a witness. But this was no regular witness She was a Superior Court Judge and could....should she be so inclined...make his life miserable. So he swallows his stubborn "pride" and settles back in his chair.

Lt. Evans: Ok, Judge Everson..... I'll make you a deal that I rarely...more like never....make. A little quid pro quo....if you have no objection.

Lt. Evans says, quirking an eyebrow, expectantly.

Aldria: I do believe that would be fair.

Aldria replies, leaning back a little in her chair.

Lt. Evans: My team was originally assigned to investigate a report of a missing teenager who lives out on Miss Flynn's ranch. The girl, Haley Colson, was reported missing by Washington Child Protective Services after she failed to show up to a scheduled visit with her father and never returned to the ranch. She just vanished into thin air.

Lt. Evans says....pausing to take a breath and let this information set in with the judge.

Aldria nods her understanding, and waits to see if Lt. Evans has anything more to say.

Lt. Evans: During the course of our initial investigation we discovered that the girl wasn't the only one missing. Miss Flynn's foreman, Richard Williams, told me when I interviewed him about the missing girl, that he had last seen Miss Flynn the previous evening when she helped him "put the stock to bed"...

Lt. Evans makes quotation signs in the air with his fingers.

Aldria: Meaning the horses.

Aldria replies with a small smile.

Lt. Evans: ...and he hadn't heard from her since.

Lt. Evans finishes.

Lt. Evans: well do you know this Dr. Pierson?

Lt. Evans quickly asks....wanting his quid pro quo.

Aldria shrugs.

Aldria: Relatively well. I've known him for years. Casual relationship. Met up with him again when I moved here. We drink at the same bar.

Lt. Evans: Did he or Miss Flynn ever mention that they were dating?

Lt. Evans asks quickly. This might be his only chance to get any information on this Pierson guy and his gut is telling him that this guy may have the information that could break this case....or cases...wide open.

Aldria: I'm not sure if they were dating or not. I do know that Nikki was thinking it was going that way, as she had asked me if I was going to mind if they dated. Whether they were or are dating, That I can't tell you, because I don't know.

Aldria replies.

Lt. Evans: So....they didn't know each other well.... Is that what you are telling me?

Lt. Evans asks, trying to clarify his understanding of what the judge is telling him.

Aldria: No, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is I don't how well they know each other Nikki asked me if I minded if they dated over a year ago. I do know they aren't living together, but that's all I can say. I see much more of Adam than I do of Nikki.

Aldria replies.

Lt. Evans: When was the last time you saw or heard from Dr. Pierson?

Lt. Evans asks before the judge has a chanced to ask him a question.

Aldria: Couple days ago.

Aldria says flatly, and arches and eyebrow at the Detective, indicating it was his turn.

Lt. Evans: Just one more question, your honor. While it's still fresh in my mind.

Lt. Evans says, apologetically.

Lt. Evans: When you saw him a couple of days ago.....did he mention having seen Miss Flynn recently?

Lt. Evans asks....jotting a few notes down in his notepad.

Aldria allows her lips to purse slightly, indicating that he was trying her patience, before shaking her head.

Aldria: No, he didn't. We honestly didn't do a lot of talking. It was at the bar we usually meet up in. Each just there to have a drink or two to unwind after a day. I'm sure you can understand that.

Aldria says.

Lt. Evans nods his head.

Lt. Evans: Yes. I can.

Lt. Evans replies....looking over his notes and trying to figure out what else he can tell the judge that would satisfy the quid pro quo without giving up too much information.

Aldria: You're trying to figure out if there's a connection aren't you? Between Nikki and Haley?

Aldria asks flatly.

Lt. Evans furrows his brow. Up until that moment....he has not really entertained the thought that the 2 cases might actually be 1. But now that the judge has put that idea out there..... He clears his throat, a bit embarrassed for not having thought this before.

Lt. Evans: Do you think there's a connection, Judge?

Lt. Evans asks...raising one eyebrow, questioningly.

Aldria: That I don't know. However, I do know one thing about young miss Colson, you might want to check into.

Aldria offers.

Lt. Evans leans forward....his interest fueled.

Lt. Evans: And that is....?

Lt. Evans prompts.

Aldria: I met Miss Colson, from what you're saying, about a month before she disappeared. She had missed an appointment with her father and the family court was threatening to remove her from Nikki's ranch and return her to her father's custody. Given what she told me, that young lady would be willing to do ANYTHING to avoid being returned to her father.

Aldria explains, then pauses, waiting for the Lt. to ask the obvious.

Aldria: I can't think of many that wouldn't be. I was. Though apparently the idiots who investigated before weren't.

Aldria replies honestly.

Lt. Evans rubs his chin, thoughtfully.

Lt. Evans: Why did the girl not want to be returned to her father's custody?

Lt. Evans asks...slowly beginning to put some of the pieces of the puzzle together in his mind.

Aldria: Her father has been raping her, since she was 10.

Aldria says flatly.

Lt. Evans winces as if he had been stabbed with a hot poker and he doesn't bother trying to hide his reaction. Crimes against kids. He just couldn't stomach them. He was glad he didn't work in that department because he couldn't guarantee what he would do to a pervert that ended up in his interrogation room.

Lt. Evans: How sympathetic to the girl's situation was Miss Flynn?

Lt. Evans asks as he shifts his weight in his chair.

Aldria: Extremely But then again, so I was. I looked into after meeting with the girl. Even spoke with the detectives that were the original investigators.

Aldria shakes her head in disgust at the thought of those detectives.

The Administrative Assistant knocks on Ally's chamber door and opens it a crack, sticking his head in just far enough to be able to deliver a message.

The Administrative Assistant: Judge Everson? You wanted me to remind you that you have a preliminary hearing scheduled in about 5 minutes.

The Administrative Assistant says quickly.

Aldria: Thank you for the reminder. Remind me again in 3 minutes if need be.

Aldria replies to her assistant.

The Administrative Assistant ducks back out and shuts the door.

Lt. Evans: Well....Judge Everson....I have taken up too much of your time. But I do thank you for seeing me and being so helpful. May I call you if I have anymore questions?

Lt. Evans says, getting to his feet.

Aldria: Please do. And... if Its not to much trouble, have someone look into Haley Colson's father. The other investigator's didn't look into it much, given Mr. Colson's standing the in the community. Who knows, following that route you might even track something more down.

Aldria replies getting to her feet and offering the Lt. her hand.

Lt. Evans takes the judge's hand and shakes it.

Lt. Evans: One last question, Judge. Where would I find Dr. Pierson?

Lt. Evans asks with a genuine smile.

Aldria: I can only tell you were I usually see him at. You'll find him there most evenings.

Aldria replies with a grin.

Lt. Evans lets go of her hand and quirks an eyebrow, questioningly.

Lt. Evans: And that would be....

Lt. Evans prompts.

Aldria: Same place you'll find me. Joe's, of course.

Aldria grins.

Lt. Evans: Joe's. Just Joe's?

Lt. Evans asks, curiously.

Aldria: Don't tell me you haven't heard of Joe's?

Aldria asks a little surprised.

Lt. Evans: Can't say that I have. Should I have?

Lt. Evans looks at the judge in wonderment.

Aldria: I'm just a little surprised. Seems like everyone goes to Joe's. It's a blues bar in town here.

Aldria smiles.

Lt. Evans: So it should be listed in the phone book then....right?

Lt. Evans asks as he writes in his notepad. Then he puts the notepad in the vest pocket of his jacket and moves toward the door as he waits for the judge to confirm his last queries.

Aldria: Should be. But if you ask my assistant he can get you address.

Aldria replies.

Lt. Evans: Thank you, Judge. You have been a huge help. And I WILL be in touch.

Lt. Evans says as he reaches for the door knob, turns it and opens the door to the judge's chambers.

Aldria: Detective.

Lt. Evans: Yes?

Lt. Evans says, turning in the open doorway to look at the judge. He gets the address to the bar the judge mentioned from her assistant then hurries out of the office and the court house. He takes out his cell phone as he heads for his car which is parked by the curb in front of the courthouse.

Lt. Evans: Stone.....I want you to check out the WCPS file on Haley Colson and find out who and where her father is. I'm on my way to some place called Joe's Bar to see if I can catch up to our mystery man...whose name, by the way, is Dr. Adam Pierson.

Lt. Evans hangs up and gets into his car and heads for Joe's Bar.

****10 minutes later****

Lt. Evans surveys the place located at the address the assistant gave him as he slowly drives past it. It is still early...not even noon, yet...and he knows that most bars aren't open to the public this early. That assumption is backed up by the fact that there is only one car in the bar's parking lot. He quickly pulls into the parking lot and stops behind the only car parked in it and quickly jots down the license plate number. Then he backs out of the parking lot and drives a block away and parks along the curb. He takes out his cell phone and dials a number.

Lt. Evans: This is Lt. Larry Evans. I need a plate run.

Lt. Evans says and reads off the license plate number he had just written down. The officer Evans is talking to comes back on the phone and tells him that the vehicle is registered to a Mike ? (Joe's Mike). Evans thanks him and hangs up He rubs his chin thoughtfully then starts his car back up. He makes a U turn and parks along the curb...still a block away from the bar...yet where he can clearly see the bar's entrance. Then he reclines his seat enough that it is comfortable and settles in for what could be a long stake out.

***3 hours later***

Methos stops his car in Joe's parking lot and slowly exits his vehicle. He looks around out of habit but doesn't see anything out of the ordinary, as he locks his car. Then walks slowly to the bar wondering if Mike has any news about Joe. "I hope he's feeling better now." He murmurs under his breath as he keeps walking.

Lt. Evans is adjusting the station tuner on his car stereo when he sees the man in the news photo walk around the front of the bar from the parking lot and go inside.

Lt. Evans: Finally.

Lt. Evans says aloud to his empty car. He gets out, locks his car up and walks the block to the bar. He opens the door and steps into the dimly lit bar, standing just inside the door until his vision adjusts to the change in light.

Methos nods when Mike moves to the tap as soon as he sees him.

Methos: Yeah, a draft beer would be appreciated, it's kind of early but I'm leaving work soon.

Lt. Evans looks around and sees that there are only a few people sitting at tables and only one at the bar. He casually strolls over to the bar and takes a seat on a bar stool a few away from Pierson.

Methos side glances at the man who sits close to him, but decides to ignore him and takes a sip at the beer Mike has put in front of him.

Methos: So any news from Joe?

Methos decides to ask right away before he forgets, Mike tells him no and moves away to get something done.

Lt. Evans reaches into his pocket and takes out his ID and badge, gets up from his stool and walks over to Pierson.

Lt. Evans: Excuse me, Dr. Pierson. I was wondering if I might ask you a few questions.

Lt. Evans says, laying his ID on the bar next to the man so he could see it.

Methos raises his eyebrows as he looks down at the badge and then up to the man's face.

Methos: Sure?

Methos says before he picks up his glass to take another sip of beer.

Lt. Evans: I understand that you know a Miss Nicayla Flynn.

Lt. Evans says, holding out the photo he has of Nikki.

Methos nods as he looks down at the photo the police detective is showing him.

Methos: Nikki? Yeah I do.

Lt. Evans: When was the last time you saw or spoke to Miss Flynn?

Lt. Evans asks, putting the photo and his ID back in his jacket pocket.

Methos frowns a little as if he was puzzled.

Methos: Two months ago? Why? Something happened to her?

Methos' frown deepens as he stares at the man.

Methos: Why else would the police be looking for her?

Lt. Evans furrows his brow as he thinks to himself, "what kind of man dates a woman but doesn't try to contact her for 2 months....and doesn't even know that she is missing?" But he keeps his thought to himself.

Lt. Evans: I take it not hearing from Miss Flynn for 2 months isn't unusual.

Lt. Evans says, clarifying his observation.

Methos: Hmm, not really. But she told me she's going to leave, a family emergency of some sort and that she'd call me when she returned back to Seacouver.

Methos shrugs before he takes another sip of beer.

Methos: Just figured it was taking longer than she was expecting.

Lt. Evans wonders why this Pierson knows about this so called family emergency but nobody else....not her foreman, assistant, the counselors at the ranch or her friends, MacLeod, Amanda and Judge Everson knew anything about it when he asked them. Something wasn't right about all of this. He didn't know why he had the suspicion but his gut was telling him that there just wasn't something right going on. And one of his 22 rules...Number 4, as a matter of fact, was "Always trust your gut."

Lt. Evans: So where is this family emergency that Miss Flynn had to leave for?

Lt. Evans asks....closely watching the doctor's face in the mirror on the wall behind the bar.

Methos frowns as if trying to remember.

Methos: Actually, she didn't tell me where. She just said she was going home. And she told me she'd come from Arizona when we met so you might want to look that way.

Lt. Evans: Arizona?

Lt. Evans asks, quirking an eyebrow, questioningly.

Lt. Evans: Can you be more specific, doctor?

Methos: Hmm, I don't think a town was mentioned, only that she had or has a ranch there. Sorry.

Methos says using his best Adam Pierson innocent look.

Lt. Evans: And she didn't give you a way to contact her where ever she went?

Lt. Evans asks a little more dubiously than before.

Methos: No, she told me she'd call me when she returned. Why would I want to just talk to her on the phone? We can't go out if she's in Arizona or whatever she is and I'm here, now can we?

Methos points out as he shakes his head amused, then he looks down to get his glass back.

Lt. Evans: Interesting way of looking at the concept of dating.

Lt. Evans says a bit sarcastically.

Lt. Evans: I guess you two aren't as close as I was led to believe.

Lt. Evans lies.

Methos: Oh really?

Methos asks slightly amused, he can't imagine anyone who knew about them to tell a cop how close they were, the man is trying to catch something.

Methos: No, probably we're not as close as you were led to believe.

Lt. Evans: Well....Ok, then. I guess I'll check Arizona.

Lt. Evans says and takes a business card out of his shirt pocket and hands it to Pierson.

Methos takes the business card and looks down at it.

Lt. Evans: Do me a favor, please...if you will. If you hear from Miss Flynn....have her call me at that number. It is very important that I speak to her. Hmm?

Lt. Evans says with a nod then turns and heads out of the bar.

Methos: Will do.

Lt. Evans takes out his cell phone as he walks back to his car and says to the person he called, "I want a tail put on Dr. Adam Pierson," then he hangs up, gets into his car and drives off...heading back to the precinct.

Methos says after the man, then gestures Mike to get him another beer. He takes a deep sigh of relief that his talk to the police detective is over, only to frown again at the thought that a cop is investigating an Immortal, usually something would come up no matter how much someone covered his track.

Methos: Besides I miss the brat.

Methos murmurs under his breath as he smiles.

To be continued

« on: August 05, 2012, 12:05:26 pm »
***Same Day – Early evening***

[Gemini] You know, you really don't have to come with me... or take me. Whatever.

Gemini says protesting, not wanting to put Annie out.

[Annie] I can always have a drink at the bar.

Annie shrugs as she gets her raincoat and checks the swords inside the linen.

[Annie] Don't worry I won't be underway.

[Gemini] I just don't want to put you out. You're already doing so much for me.

Gemini protests.

[Annie] Gemini, just because that headhunter is dead, it doesn't mean there aren't more Immortals around. There are, and not all of them are friendly.

Annie points out and she puts the raincoat on and looks for the car keys.

[Annie] Considering what happened the last time I left you alone, I rather take you, saves trouble in the long run.

[Gemini] I just don't want to put you out.

Gemini says again softly.

[Annie] Gemini, I don't mind going to Joe's with you. I could use a drink and listen to some blues while you talk to David. No problem.

Annie shrugs again, while she walks to the door.

[Gemini] Okay.

Gemini says softly, getting her stuff together and following Annie out the door.

Annie walks to the garage to take out the Bentley, she side glances at Gemini when she remembers something.

[Annie] And I should get you a car, have any idea what do you want?

[Gemini] Something cool.

Gemini says with a bit of a smile.

Annie rolls her eyes just as she's about to enter the car, and frowns slightly at Gemini.

[Annie] Oh, that's helpful. Isn't what someone thinks it's cool a matter of opinion?

Annie shakes her head as she opens the door, and gets inside the car. She could never get a straight answer out of that kid.

[Gemini] I guess.

Gemini shrugs and gets into the car herself.

Annie hits the remote to open the garage door before she starts the car.

[Annie] So what do you think it's cool?

[Gemini] An Aston Martin One-77, a Lamborghini Aventador J, or a Ferrari 458 Spider.

Gemini replies promptly, knowing they're not exactly practice for her.

Annie side glances at Gemini while she takes the car out of the garage and hits the remote to close the door. She opens the front gate in the same move knowing it will take a while for it to open.

[Annie] Don't you think they're a little too grown up for you?

Annie asks as she moves the car slowly to the front gate, giving it time to open.

[Gemini] You asked what cars I thought was cool. Those are cars I think are cool.

Gemini says with a shrug, and a grin.

[Gemini] I never said anything about practicality.

[Annie] Besides I already have a Ferrari back in Austria, you go there and I'll let you drive it.

Annie shrugs as she exits the front gate, she stops at the entrance giving it time to close again before she moves on.

[Annie] If you were mortal I wouldn't dream of it, but since you're not...

Annie shrugs again, the worse that could happen was she woke up in the morgue.

[Gemini] What kind of Ferrari?

Gemini asks, curious.

[Annie] A Ferrari 360 Spider. Black, red doesn't go with my hair.

Gemini grins at the last comment.

Annie smiles still checking the gate, it finally closes and she moves the car in the direction of downtown.

[Gemini] The 360 spider is alright. It's not my favorite Ferrari, but it's not bad.

Gemini chuckles.

[Annie] Of course it's not, it's not flashy enough, you don't turn heads driving one.

Annie teases, chuckling softly.

[Gemini] It's still a nice car. And they made it 6 years. It is one of the nicer Ferrari's. Just not my favorite.

Gemini replies with a smile.

[Annie] I had no idea you were into cars that much.

Annie side glances at Gemini slightly surprised, then looks back at the road.

Gemini shrugs.

[Gemini] My dad was. I guess he brought it up for me to love 'em. I don't talk about it much, 'cause well... most people just don't understand why a girl would be into cars.

[Annie] Don't see a problem with it.

Annie shrugs as she keeps driving, then frowns when she sees a squad car on her tail.

[Gemini] Most guys and other girls think it's weird. So, I keep it to myself.

Gemini replies.

[Annie] Hey, you didn't rob a bank or killed someone lately, have you?

Annie tries to joke about it, she hated to have one of those behind her even when she didn't do anything.

[Gemini] No.. Why?

Gemini asks a little amused by the question.

[Annie] We have a police squad car on our tail, must be a coincidence. Ironically you've been keeping me out of trouble lately.

Annie explains with a shrug. Still keeping an eye on the rear view mirror.

[Gemini] Huh... maybe they're just bored and running random plates?

Gemini suggests.

[Annie] Maybe. Noticed out of habit I suppose.

Annie is relieved when she sees it turning to a side road.

[Annie] There. It's gone.

Gemini just shrugged to herself not responding.

Annie frowns again when two blocks down there's another squad car, luckily they're almost at Joe's, so she doesn't have to put up with them any longer.

[Annie] Shouldn't drink too much though, apparently they're trying to fine someone.

Annie murmurs as she parks the car in the parking lot.

[Gemini] Well, you wouldn't want to get a DUI. That'd be even worse than a fine.

Gemini says, hearing Annie's murmur.

[Annie] Yes, maybe we should take a cab back if all these cops are out, we'll see.

Annie shrugs unconcerned, she had no idea how much she was going to drink.

[Annie] Depends on how much I feel like drinking.

[Gemini] Yeah... and what? How quickly it burns out of your system?

Gemini asks.

[Annie] Well, it depends on how much I drink and how long I stay without drinking before I get to make that test.

Annie answers with a shrug, before she exits the car.

[Annie] Don't worry, I don't want any trouble with the law. I just got settled in, last thing I want is to have to change my name and move again.

Annie makes a face at that, the first time around had been boring enough but it couldn't be helped.

Gemini shrugs, unsure of what to say.

Annie locks the car and starts to walk towards Joe's bar.

[Annie] Come on then.

Annie says without looking back.

[Gemini] I'm comin'.

Gemini replies, moving up alongside Annie.

Annie makes a face and stops on her tracks when she gets near Joe's bar, judging by the buzz she'd felt there wasn't just David inside the bar. She takes a deep breath and resumes walking, probably it was Judge Everson and Adam Pierson.

Gemini winces slightly.

[Gemini] That's a strong one...

Gemini murmurs, more to herself than to Annie.

Annie opens the door and blinks trying to adjust to the darker interior. She takes a deep sigh of relief when she sees the somewhat familiar faces of the other Immortals.

[Annie] So far, so good.

Annie murmurs to herself as she walks inside the bar.

Gemini looks around the inside of the bar, as she follows Annie in, and feels a relaxing of the buzz, now that she's identified the sources.

[Gemini] There's David.

Gemini says, seeing the Immortal she was looking for at the bar.

[Annie] Yes, I see him.

Annie nods, she had no intention of going near him anyway.

[Annie] Why don't you go and talk to him, I'll be at a table?

Annie suggests, looking back at Gemini.

[Gemini] Alright.

Gemini says, and starts towards the bar.

[Methos] Look who we have here.

Methos whispers to Aldria, finally turning his gaze away from the door.

[Ally] You sound surprised.

Ally replies, also in a whisper.

[Methos] Not really, should have expected it since Steven got a head shorter last night.

Methos shrugs picking up his beer glass to take a sip.

[Ally] Especially given where the youngest has gone.

Ally says watching Gemini bee line it for David.

[Methos] Yes, I bet she wants to hear all the sordid details.

Methos chuckles softly, returning Annie's nod to them.

Ally also returns the nod from the younger woman.

[Ally] I don't know.

Ally shrugs slightly.

[Ally] Doesn't seem like the type to want all the sordid details.

Methos shrugs, while he looks down to play with his glass on the table.

[Methos] I wouldn't know.

Ally shrugs.

[Ally] Maybe she knows.

Ally says with the barest of nods towards Annie.

[Methos] Yes... Don't know why they're all avoiding us tonight, even your admirer is sitting at the bar.

Methos teases, remembering the kid didn't even try to sit on their table when he came in.

[Ally] Probably just as well.

Ally can't help a slight smirk.

[Methos] Do we look particularly threatening tonight?

Methos asks with a frown, he didn't think so but still there was something weird about it.

[Ally] Maybe they think we're on a date.

Ally laughs at the absurdity of the idea.

[Gemini] David.

Gemini says, greeting the other Immortal, relieved that he was safe and hale.

[David] Hello.

David looks down at her with a smile on his lips.

[David] Your teacher doesn't want to talk to me, I take it?

David points out to let her know he noticed when the other woman left.

[Gemini] She only came with, 'cause well... I don't have a vehicle, and she doesn't wanna let me out by myself, yet.

Gemini shrugs, sliding onto a bar stool next to David.

[David] Well you don't have to worry about Steven anymore.

David smiles looking around and trying to get the bartender's attention.

[Gemini] Thank God.

Gemini whispers to herself.

[Gemini] What about you? You okay?

[David] Yeah, slept 12 hours straight though. Craig is going to end up firing me if I keep skipping work.

David shrugs, well his boss knew what he'd been doing.

[Gemini] Yeah, but he's... one of us. He'll understands, won't he?

Gemini asks.

[David] Yeah, I think so.

David nods, he doesn't bother to explain to her that he was partly joking, if she didn't get the joke maybe it's because it wasn't that good anyway.

Methos frowns at Annie, sitting at a nearby table.

[Methos] Why don't you sit with us, you need a written invitation?

[Ally] We're not going to bite.

Ally chuckles.

[Gemini] So?

Gemini asks looking at David expectantly.

Annie raises an eyebrow at them, then stands up, picks up her drink and moves to their table.

[Annie] I didn't know you two were so desperate for my company.

Annie shakes her head, slightly amused, as she pulls a chair to sit down.

[David] So?

David asks a little distracted still trying to get the bartender to get him a drink.

[Gemini] You're okay, then?

Gemini asks, both wanting details, if only vague details, and not wanting details.

[David] Yes, I've rested enough, I was exhausted last night. And that thing that happens in the end...

David wrinkles his nose at the Quickening, he wasn't sure if he'd liked it or not.

[Gemini] Yeah?

Gemini says.

[David] Well, actually I passed out after a while... or died... I'm not sure. I guess it's one of the things we'll never be sure again when we're alone. When we die or not?

David says, while he thinks to himself he should reserve judgment on that until he'd felt a complete Quickening.

[Gemini] Well... I'm sure sometimes it'll be more obvious than others.

Gemini says responding to David's question, not sure what to say to the rest of it.

[David] What I remember the most it's the pain, we're literally struck by lightning and yet...

David struggles to explain, realizing it's hard to explain that to someone who never felt that before.

[David] ... In a way you feel very much alive. It's a really weird feeling.

[Gemini] I can't say that I'm anxious to experience it.

Gemini whispers.

[David] I know I wasn't, but that guy wouldn't leave me alone.

David finally manages to get the bartender's attention and orders a beer.

[Gemini] Or me.

Gemini whispers softly.

[Ally] So, how is teaching going?

Ally asks Annie, curiously, knowing that Gemini is Annie's first student.

[Annie] Better than I was expecting, maybe there's still hope for that kid.

Annie answers taking a small sip, she's trying not to drink too much tonight in case she's pulled over on the way home.

[Ally] Oh? What were you expecting?

Ally asks.

[Annie] Well for once she never complains when it's practice time, I always thought she would, don't know why.

Annie shrugs, she's old enough to know first impressions are not always right.

[Ally] Really? Most do complain. Especially after the first time or two.

Ally says a little impressed, glancing over at the young Immortal, before turning back to Annie.

[Methos] Yeah, when the novelty wears off.

Methos nods in agreement, gesturing a waitress to get him another beer.

[Methos] Besides it's really dull in the beginning.

[Annie] To the teacher or to the student?

Annie asks with a slight frown, she's not getting what he means by that.

[Methos] Both?

Methos says with a smirk, luckily he didn't remember his time as a student, probably was nothing worth remembering anyway.

Annie takes a deep breath, watching her student and that Bradford kid.

[Annie] I only wish she didn't care so much about him.

Annie murmurs under her breath.

[Ally] And why is that?

Ally asks, curious as to Annie's reasonings.

[Annie] You should have seen how she behaved last night. Apparently his cell phone got destroyed during the fight and when he didn't answer the phone...

Annie shakes her head remembering it.

[Annie] If he got killed it would take her years to get back to her normal self, if ever.

[Ally] Indeed?

Ally asks, arching an eyebrow.

[Methos] That's too bad, I always thought he preferred "older" women.

Methos teases, side glancing at Aldria.

[Methos] I may be wrong, of course.

Methos smirks picking up his beer glass.

[Ally] I think he DOES.

Ally laughs.

[Annie] Yes, I think the poor guy didn't notice it yet, but he's a guy, can't blame him for that.

Annie chuckles softly while she picks up her glass to take a sip.

[Ally] Poor girl.

Ally says, still laughing softly.

[Methos] Hey, I'm a guy and I've noticed it. Not that hard to figure out, he's just the type a teenager would fall head over heels for.

Methos points out as he turns his head to side glance at the two Immortals at the bar.

Annie looks up at her student and sighs looking down at her glass.

[Annie] I know. But it's such a bad idea to care so much about another Immortal though.

[Ally] Be that as it may, it doesn't stop most.

Ally returns.

[Methos] Yes, it's not the smartest thing to do, but it happens all the time.

Methos shrugs as he side glances at Annie, who did she think she was fooling?

[Methos] Can you tell me it didn't happen to you regarding your student?

Annie takes a deep breath, she takes a sip and only then nods in agreement.

[Annie] Yeah, I know that kid managed to sneak under my defenses when I wasn't looking. I only realized that when we had to leave the hotel.

Annie shrugs as she takes another deep breath.

[Annie] I just couldn't leave her alone.

[Ally] She managed it fairly quickly didn't she then?

Ally asks, smiling slightly.

[Annie] To someone who has been avoiding other Immortals for centuries, she managed it in a heartbeat.

Annie sighs, looking down at her glass, maybe she'd just been alone for too long.

[Ally] Funny how they can do that, isn't it?

Ally asks with a knowing smile.

[Methos] Yeah, how do you think they get us to teach them?

Methos chuckles softly, remembering some of the times he wasn't interested in teaching at all, but still had done it.

[Methos] Oh and don't be offended, but since she's your first student... I wouldn't teach her everything you know, just in case?

Methos suggests with a shrug.

[Methos] She seems a nice girl but still...

[Annie] I've learnt from one of the best, remember? I know Kronos didn't teach me everything he knew.

Annie shrugs, while she thinks that was one of the reasons she never tried to fight him, she knew he was keeping something from her.

[Ally] That is a decision to wait for, until you know her better, or are sure of her. I've had some students I've taught everything to. Others I haven't.

Ally replies.

[Methos] Really? I thought you were smarter than that. I know I haven't.

Methos smiles at Aldria amused.

[Annie] Ever?

Annie raises an eyebrow at him, slightly surprised.

[Methos] Nope?

Methos picks up his glass to drink some beer with a smirk.

[Ally] Admittedly, with one exception all the ones I taught everything to, were mortal.

Ally adds.

David frowns remembering to ask Gemini something he still didn't get, something she said last night...

[David] Why were you so worried last night? I mean, you thought I was going to lose?

David asks still frowning, after thinking about it for a while it still didn’t make sense but it was the only possible explanation.

[Gemini] I hoped not...

Gemini says softly.

[David] You hoped...

David's frown deepens, just what exactly did she mean by that?

[Gemini] Not. I didn't want anything to happen to you.

Gemini clarifies.

[David] Yes, I got the not, it's not that...

David nods still frowning puzzled, he has the feeling something is being left unsaid here.

[Annie] Yes, I can see we're all the trusting type here.

Annie shakes her head looking at the two older Immortals.

[Methos] That's the price of... surviving?

Methos shrugs looking down at his glass, he knows too trusting Immortals don't live really long.

[Ally] Yeah well, as I seem to recall there's a few certain boyscouts who always teach everything they know.

Ally replies with a smile.

[Methos] And that's one of the reason the boyscouts don't last long in our Game.

Methos points out unconcerned, if they wanted to risk they lives just to be the good guys so be it.

[Methos] Unless they're really good with a sword, and even then...

Methos shrugs again not bothering to finish it, they'd both know the rest, they were old enough to know it.

Annie takes a small sip, then stares at her glass on the table, thinking.

[Annie] Funny, what you said about the price of surviving, I've always thought the guys who write the dictionaries should come up with a word for when you can stand up for yourself. Only surviving to me sounds too... easy?

Annie looks up at the other Immortal to see if they were following her.

[Methos] Maybe too primitive? Law of the jungle easy, right?

Methos asks slightly amused, that's what they had to face every day anyway.

Annie nods.

[Annie] Yes, maybe something a little more refined?

[Ally] Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about. And what it's called.

Ally says with a little chuckle of her own.

[Annie] You do?

Annie asks surprised, she wasn't exactly waiting to get an answer to that.

[Ally] Yes. I do.

Ally smiles.

[Methos] Care to enlighten us, then?

Methos says with a smirk, side glancing at Aldria.

[Ally] It's called growing up.

Ally replies with a smirk of her own.

[Methos] Oh yeah, no one can escape it.

Methos raises his almost empty beer glass and toasts.

[Methos] So here's to growing up.

[Ally] Growing up.

Ally replies with a chuckle lifting her glass.

Annie shakes her head with a little smile on her lips, but also raises her glass.

[Annie] Why not? I've toasted to stranger things before.

Annie clicks the other two glasses.

[Annie] Growing up.

David blinks and shakes his head, for a moment he thought he'd get the answer but apparently the idea had gone before it came to his conscious thoughts, he hated when it happened.

[David] I really don't know what it meant.

David whispers almost to himself.

[Gemini] Not. I hoped not. I didn't want anything to happen to you.

Gemini says, feeling herself blush as puts together everything she had said.

David stares at Gemini for a moment, still puzzled, noticing she'd just blushed, he thinks to himself why would she be embarrassed, until it all comes to him in a flash. It couldn't be, right? She's almost young enough to be his daughter.

[David] I think I'm getting crazy or maybe it was the Quickening, for a moment I thought...

David shakes his head with a smile, while he takes a deep breath.

[Gemini] Thought what?

Gemini asks, barely glancing at David, still flushing slightly.

[David] I know it sounds crazy, but I thought you were in love with me.

David says, he almost expects she laughs on his face, but he has to find out for sure.

Gemini chews on her lower lip for a moment, blushing even harder. Finally she makes up her mind. After all, it was time to start acting an adult in an adult world.

[Gemini] I don't know if it's love, David, but...

Gemini trails off trying to figure out how to continue.

The End?

Continues with Toys in the Basement

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Annie Fraser's Cars in Seacouver, Washington

Bentley Continental

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***Next Day – 3:10***

Methos yawns while he looks at the computer reading a report recently posted there. Ashley's report had been interesting but this one was boring, who cares where the Immortal that guy was following had lunch and did his shopping?

[Methos] Come on, you've filled a report for this?

Methos whispers to himself not quite believing what he reads. He gives up after a while, and before he moves to the next one, he decides to have another coffee, lunch had made him sleepy.

Ashley pulls up in front of Adam Pierson's house, and parks her car. Getting out, she grabs her laptop bag, just in case she needs it. Ashley locks the door and proceeds up to the front of Adam's house and knocks on the door.

Methos is on the way to the kitchen and turns his head when he hears a knock on the front door, he didn't feel a buzz so it was definitely a mortal. He smiles when he sees Ashley through the window on the front door, and opens it.

[Methos] Hello.

[Ashley] Hi, Adam.

Ashley smiles.

[Ashley] I hear that Joe is on extended leave and left you in charge?

[Methos] Yeah, he did.

Methos nods, he refuses to think about what made Joe do that and tries to change subject.

[Methos] Come on in. You want some coffee?

Methos asks as he moves away from the door and walks to the kitchen.

[Methos] I was just about to have one.

[Ashley] Sure.

Ashley says following Adam inside, and setting her bag just inside the door, so she wouldn't forget where it was, and following Adam into the kitchen.

[Methos] I'd offer some champagne but it's kind of early for that, no?

Methos asks with a smile as he moves around to kitchen to get two coffee cups.

[Ashley] Maybe just a bit early for that.

Ashley chuckles.

[Ashley] But I sure could have used some last night.

[Methos] Well, you know the Watchers, you're on mandatory leave so you can have all the champagne you want.

Methos chuckles as he pours the coffee in the two coffee cups.

Ashley groans slightly, but accepts the coffee as Methos hands her a cup.

[Ashley] I could wish that leave was voluntary, rather than mandatory.

[Methos] Then some people wouldn't take one, hmmm... I can't think of anyone at the moment.

Methos teases hoping she'd get the hint she was one of those people.

[Ashley] I can.

Ashley replies, but smiles, letting Adam know she knew quite well he was referring to her.

[Methos] I really like you, Ash. We go way back, but let's face it, you're a workaholic.

Methos chuckles softly gesturing her to follow him to the living room.

[Ashley] Yeah, well, we both know how I ended up that way.

Ashley says, shaking her head ruefully and following Adam into the living room, and waiting for him to take a seat, before picking one for herself.

Methos seats on his favorite place on the couch, then puts the coffee cup on the end table after taking a sip.

[Methos] Who would have thought that Bradford kid would take your guy's head.

Methos shakes his head a little, amused at the irony.

[Ashley] Can't say I'm sorry. Bradford's profile shows him to be a good enough kid. A damn sight better than Steven was, that's for sure.

Ashley says with a shrug.

[Methos] Yes, but you know you're not going to be assigned to him, right? We have already someone working at the Bower Agency...

Methos hesitates in which pronoun to use, then decides she doesn't need to know who that person is.

[Methos] "They" can keep an eye on both of them.

[Ashley] Didn't seem to be doing that great of job. I saw no sign of anybody besides me, Lee and Bradford last night.

Ashley frowns slightly, as she went over it again in her head.

[Methos] Well, "their" assignment is out of town and "they" had to keep tracking one. Obviously the wrong choice but...

Methos shrugs, obviously the Watcher working at the Bower Agency thought Bradford was going to lose anyway.

[Ashley] Not that I want it... or am eligible for it at the moment... but given the fight last night, Bradford should have his own Watcher.

Ashley says thoughtfully.

[Methos] Really? You think he's going to last?

Methos asks, he doesn't bother to mention they were kind of short on personnel, Ashley already knew that.

[Ashley] He's quick with a gun, and not afraid to use it, when he needs too... But he's honorable... which isn't always a good thing for Immortals. He's quick on his feet... really quick.

Ashley says thinking out loud and comparing David Bradford to other Immortals she's seen.

[Ashley] It's kind of early, what with this being his first head and all, but... he's one of the best young ones I've seen.

Ashley concludes.

[Methos] Really?

Methos repeats slightly surprised, maybe he'd underestimated the kid but he sounded like a jerk last time he'd seen him at Joe's.

Ashley nods slowly.

[Ashley] Given that young ones, I can't call them all newbies, is most of what I've seen, besides Steven, for the last 8 years, and saw them quite regularly...

Ashley trails off, considering again for a moment and then nods.

[Ashley] Yeah, he's one of the best. Certainly has more potential than any other young ones I've seen. Besides that, he bested Steven, which has gotta say something. Steven may have been an addict, and preferred young ones, that doesn't mean he was a slouch. He did get a few older ones, when challenged while I followed him, so. Yeah. Bradford is up there.

Ashley concludes her thoughts.

[Methos] Oh yes, I think you've seen quite a few of them.

Methos nods in agreement.

[Methos] And I'd rather have another boyscout than another headhunter by the way.

Methos adds while he thinks maybe that kid wouldn't be so bad once he had a little more experience. Maybe he'd learn to keep his mouth shut when he should.

[Ashley] You and me both.

Ashley mutters.

Methos picks up his coffee cup to take a sip.

[Methos] So anything happened you didn't put on that report? I mean, I just read a report from one of the new guys and he didn't know where to stop, maybe you didn't mention it because you didn't think it was important?

Methos asks, now he's really curious about that Bradford kid.

[Ashley] What do you mean, by didn't know when to stop?

Ashley asks, curious herself.

[Methos] Where this guy has lunch, where he buys his groceries, when he takes a shower, when he's watching TV... Who cares, for God's sake?

Methos shakes his head disbelievingly, maybe he should have a talk with that new Watcher, he was the one who had to read all the reports after all.

Ashley shakes her head amused.

[Ashley] I know we're told to be detailed in our reports but, goodness... Did he report what TV shows? And what happened on the shows? Or how many times he scratched his balls?

Ashley asks with a chuckle.

[Methos] Hmm, he did mention that.

Methos nods chuckling softly.

[Methos] Do we really need to know that?

Ashley shakes head sadly.

[Ashley] Immortal or not, they still deserve SOME privacy.

[Methos] Exactly, we're supposed to record who wins in a fight and who they meet, not what they do when they're alone.

Methos says before he takes another sip of coffee, he makes a face afterwards, that coffee was getting too cold to be drinkable.

Ashley sighs, then takes a sip of the coffee. Realizing its getting cold, she swallows down the rest of it.

[Ashley] Well, with regards to Bradford... There is one thing that's in my report, but could be clarified slightly.

Ashley says slowly.

[Methos] Yes? What is it?

Methos asks, as far as he knew her report sounded clear enough.

[Ashley] Well, I said he spoke to Steven, before he took Steven's head. Which as we both know in and of itself is clear enough.

Ashley says slowly, pulling the memory of the moment from her memory which she had trained to be nearly perfect.

[Methos] Yeah, there can be only one. Really original, most of them say that.

Methos says assuming that's what Bradford had said.

[Ashley] Yeah... but Bradford didn't say that.

Ashley says.

[Methos] He didn't?

Methos frowns puzzled.

[Methos] What did he say then?

[Ashley] He apologized, to Steven. If you can believe it.

Ashley replies, watching Adam's face carefully, wondering how he'll take it.

Methos raises his eyebrows in surprise, but manages to catch his month before it hangs open.

[Methos] He what?

[Ashley] Bradford apologized. To Steven.

Ashley says, making it separate sentences, to make it clear.

Methos smiles amused, that kid didn't stop to surprise him, "Oh, I love good guys." he thinks to himself.

[Methos] Don't tell me he said something like, I'm sorry I take your head.

Methos chuckles softly, now that would beat all.

[Ashley] He said, and I quote, 'I'm sorry, but you give me no choice.'

Ashley says, with an ironic grin of her own.

Methos shakes his head amused, he didn't quite know what to answer to that.

[Methos] Young Immortals are too much.

Methos manages to say after a while.

[Methos] Some win the fight but don't have the guts to take the opponent's head and live or rather die to regret it.

[Ashley] Of which happened with Steven, once.

Ashley replies.

[Ashley] At least... according to his chronicle it did... 30 years ago.

[Methos] Yes, I was curious enough to take a look at his chronicle.

Methos shakes his head talking a deep breath.

[Methos] How can anyone be so dumb is beyond me.

[Ashley] Well, Steven wasn't one of them.

Ashley says shaking her head.

[Ashley] Sadly.

Methos smirks.

[Methos] He was, he chose to take challenge after challenge, the odds were against him.

[Ashley] In that aspect, yes. But he wasn't in the not having the guts to take the opponents head.

Ashley chuckles.

[Methos] Oh no, that one really enjoyed it.

Methos nods still smiling.

[Ashley] He was addicted.

Ashley says flatly.

[Methos] Yes, like a junkie after his next fix.

Methos points out making a face at it, he knows that guy wouldn't stop at anything to get it, just like a real junkie. He's glad someone took care of him before he gave all the Immortals away.

Ashley nods in agreement.

[Methos] Is it my impression or he wasn't really sane anymore? From what I read he didn't mind making a scene in public to get his way.

Methos remembers reading about it, he really took chances sometimes in the past and was almost caught once or twice in the act.

[Ashley] I... and this is my personal opinion.

Ashley says firmly.

[Ashley] I believe his sanity was... borderline. I don't think he was completely over the edge of sanity. But he wasn't completely sane either.

Ashley says.

[Methos] Too long sporting an addiction? Reminds me of that old friend of MacLeod.

Methos frowns thinking, trying to remember the man's name.

[Methos] Brian Cullen?

[Ashley] Yes... I recall him, if only vaguely. It was unlikely he would ever come across Steven, so...

Ashley shrugs slightly.

[Methos] Yes, Steven only hunted newbies, this guy would be too old for him.

Methos nods in agreement, looking down at his empty coffee cup and wondering if he felt like having another one.

[Ashley] Yeah...

Ashley nods.

[Ashley] And unfortunately for him, but fortunately for the rest of us, Bradford just wasn't quite new enough.

[Methos] Maybe he was fooled by the fact that Bradford doesn't bother to carry a sword.

Methos points out, while he thinks that kid was unconventional to say the least.

[Ashley] Which isn't exactly the smartest on Bradford's part.

Ashley says shaking her head slightly.

[Methos] Well, I'd agree with you but according to what you wrote Steven attacked him in that parking lot and the kid managed to get away.

Methos points out with a smirk, he loves the fact he uses her chronicle to prove his theory.

[Ashley] True. But it wouldn't have worked if Steven had taken the precaution of wearing a bullet proof vest.

Ashley replies.

[Methos] He probably would have aimed for the head then.

Methos shrugs, that's what he'd do.

[Ashley] But by the time he would have realized Steven had taken the precaution it is entirely possible, Steven could have closed the difference. And of course, that would likely mean that sadly, I wouldn't be in need of a new assignment.

Ashley grins.

[Methos] Yeah, the world is full of what could have beens.

Methos nods as he smiles at Ashley.

[Ashley] And hence the theory of the multi-verse.

Ashley grins.

[Methos] Yes, but Steven also could have lost before, or that dumb Immortal could have not spared his life.

Methos shakes his head at the deceased Immortal's stupidity, who would spare a headhunter's life?

[Methos] Damn, a person can go crazy thinking about it, the fact that everything we do, the choices we make, makes us what we are.

Ashley nods.

[Ashley] And every choice we make, another universe splits off where we made a different choice.

Ashley smiles slightly, enjoying the theoretical turn the conversation had taken.

[Methos] Well we can't go back and make a different choice on this universe, so why worry about it?

Methos chuckles softly, while he thinks if that's the case, his part on the number of universes would be BIG.

Ashley shrugs.

[Ashley] For fun.

[Methos] If you say so.

Methos almost makes a face, when the thought that somewhere in the alternative universes, Methos would still be a Horseman, now that wasn't a reassuring thought.

[Ashley] Just think... There could be universes out there where the Game doesn't exist.

Ashley smiles.

[Methos] And then there would be no Watchers and we never would have met.

Methos points out, the smile returning to his lips.

[Methos] Or we'd be out of work.

[Ashley] Well, if there were still Immortals, there could still be Watchers. We just wouldn't be recording the outcome of the Game.

Ashley grins.

[Ashley] The purpose we have for recording Immortal lives, still would exist. It'd just be a little different.

[Methos] Maybe, but I'm sure from the Watchers' perspective it would be boring. Who'd want to document something when nothing happens?

Methos says as he thinks that from his Immortal perspective he wouldn't complain a day about it.

[Ashley] Actually... if there were no Game... there would be no reason for the non-interference clause in our mandate. And think of what we could learn from all the Immortals! Especially the older ones.

Ashley says unable to help the smile the spreads across her face.

Methos smiles amused at that.

[Methos] Yes, it should be interesting.

Methos nods in agreement, while he thinks to himself, little does she know.

[Ashley] Should be? Or Would be?

Ashley asks, with a little smile, catching the wording Adam had used.

[Methos] What makes you think they'd waste any time with us if they didn't have to?

Methos asks with a shrug, he's not sure I'd bother to be in the Watchers if there was no Game, he'd have better things to do?

[Ashley] That also is a good point. But hey, it's nice to dream, isn't it?

Ashley grins.

[Methos] Oh yes, nothing can go wrong that way, reality isn't so forgiving.

Methos nods with a sigh, he's been alive long enough to realize once you experience something it's not like you fantasized about it.

[Methos] Anything can go wrong in reality, but in our dreams it's always... perfect?

Methos adds after a moment.

[Ashley] Hence why they're dreams.

Ashley smiles ruefully.

[Methos] Can't argue with that.

Methos smiles back at Ashley.

Ashley chuckles.

[Ashley] Which is the point.

[Methos] So are you going back to California? Now that you're on leave?

Methos asks as he puts the empty cup on the end table, deciding not to have more coffee for now.

Ashley frowns slightly.

[Ashley] Not if I can help it... Do you by chance have my next assignment for me? I know, I can't start now. Figured if it's a ways away, I'd road trip there.

Ashley replies.

[Methos] Ashley, you only lost your assignment yesterday. Take a deep breath. Get your things in order, then we'll see.

Methos shakes his head disbelievingly, she was already worried about her next assignment.

[Methos] I'm only asking because I know you have an apartment in LA, Steven used to live there before he began to wander around.

[Ashley] My aunt and uncle moved to LA about 4 years ago.

Ashley says flatly.

[Methos] Oh. I see.

Methos nods understandingly, she had to say no more.

[Methos] I suppose you want an assignment in another city then.

[Ashley] As long as it's not LA.

Ashley replies.

[Methos] Alright, I'll see what I can come up with.

Methos shrugs.

[Methos] There must be a few Immortals without Watchers, we're short on personnel as Joe told you.

[Ashley] Yeah.

Ashley replies with a sigh.

[Methos] Maybe someone nice this time, you could use a break.
Methos suggest, he knows she'd been watching that headhunter for almost 8 years.

[Ashley] You know.. I wouldn't even mind another headhunter... as long as it keeps me away from LA.

Ashley sighs.

[Methos] OK, I'll have to take a look at the database, then we'll see.

Methos shrugs unconcerned, she was on mandatory leave, so he figures he can leave that for later.

[Methos] So you're going to stick around, I take it?

[Ashley] Until I get a new assignment?

Ashley says hesitantly.

[Methos] Alright, Seacouver is a nice city.

Methos nods, he only hopes he doesn't get a phone call from her everyday asking about her new assignment.

[Ashley] Thanks.

Ashley replies, relieved that she wasn't going to be ordered out of Seacouver.

[Methos] Thanks for what?

Methos frowns puzzled for a minute, then he realizes she's thanking him for letting her stay. He chuckles softly.

[Methos] Ashley, that's what leave means, you go anywhere you want and do whatever you what, you know?

[Ashley] Yes... but it wouldn't be the first time a Watcher was ordered to leave the city in which their assignment lost.

Ashley points out.

[Methos] I think that's when the Watcher has been watched, and no, you wouldn't let that happen in a million years so...

Methos shrugs unconcerned.

[Methos] Don't see a reason to.

[Ashley] Good.

Ashley replies.

[Methos] So just take some time off, enjoy your leave, maybe I'll have something for you when you come back.

Methos suggests realizing it's probably too hard for her to follow his advice.

[Ashley] Yeah... plan on revisiting the spa tomorrow.

Ashley grins.

[Methos] Good, that should do it.

Methos nods with a small smile on his lips.

[Ashley] Yeah, for tomorrow. Doesn't help me with the rest of the rest of the time off.

Ashley says shaking her head with a smile.

[Methos] Well, there's Joe's Bar if you like the Blues, the Art Gallery had an exhibition from the Musée d'Orsay, don't know if it's still on though. There's Stanley park, doubt you paid any attention when you were following Steven around.

Methos frowns a little wondering what to suggest next, then he remembers the sports events.

[Methos] There's some horse track and some baseball field.

Methos' smile broadens at his next suggestion.

[Methos] And there's me if you want some company for dinner.

[Ashley] Now that I have to say I would love.

Ashley grins back at Adam.

[Methos] Alright then, it's settled.

Methos nods at Ashley still smiling, then he thinks for a moment with a slight frown.

[Methos] It's not against the rules, is it?

Methos asks figuring she'd know if it was.

Ashley glances over at Adam, a little unsure if he was teasing her or not.

[Ashley] Of course it's not. If it were most of what the Watchers do outside of field work would be against the rules.

[Methos] Good, just trying to be sure. Never paid much attention to rules anyway. People on research get away with it.

Methos points out even though she knows about it, she used to be on research when she started with the Watchers.

[Ashley] I know. Research doesn't have much in the way of rules, other than to NOT seek out an Immortal to answer one's questions.

Ashley says with a bit of a smirk, well aware of several researches who, in the past, practically had to be restrained from doing so.

[Methos] Yeah, I know.

Methos nods trying to conceal his amusement, obviously she never heard he hangs out in the bar with Duncan MacLeod.

[Ashley] Well... I suppose I should probably be going.

Ashley says with a sigh.

[Methos] Yes, I should go back to those reports.

Methos sighs, the idea didn't appeal to him at all.

[Ashley] Yeah, you have fun with that.

Ashley chuckles as she stands up.

[Methos] Careful, I might reassign you to do that.

Methos teases, chuckling softly, as he gets to his feet to take Ashley to the door.

[Ashley] Go ahead.

Ashley says, almost hopeful that he would, now.

Methos shakes his head.

[Methos] Huh huh, you know that's against the rules.

[Ashley] Yeah.

Ashley sighs and shrugs.

[Methos] You'd break the rules on this one, right? How shocking.

Methos teases, he's not surprised at all, he knows this is the rule she'd hate the most.

[Ashley] It's more of I don't think it's necessary for every case. It's meant more for those who grew attached to their Immortals. And that I certainly didn't do, towards Steven.

Ashley sighs as they reach Adam's front door.

[Methos] No, I don't think anyone would.

Methos shrugs, it wasn't him who came up with those rules anyway.

[Ashley] Well... I guess I'll see you later, then?

Ashley asks slowly.

[Methos] Yes, give me a call when you feel like some company?

Methos suggests, not sure which way she preferred.

[Methos] Or you want me to call you?

[Ashley] Call me if you're in desperate need of a break from those reports, or yes, I'll give you a call.

Ashley smiles.

[Methos] OK then.

Methos nods chuckling softly, as he opens the front door for her.

[Ashley] Thanks, Adam.

Ashley smiles as she steps out the door.

[Methos] Bye, Ash, have fun.

Methos says half teasingly.

[Ashley] I'll try, Adam.

Ashley says with a wave as she walks down the sidewalk to her car.

Methos closes the door, he stays there a moment watching her walk back to her car, then with a deep sigh he goes back to work.

To be continued

« on: June 17, 2012, 10:11:05 am »
***20 minutes later***

Gemini paces back and forth, anxiously looking at her phone every time she turns to move from back to forth, or forth to back.

Gemini makes another turn and looks at her phone.

Gemini paces to the other side of the room, and looks at her phone as she turns.

Annie looks away from the papers she was reading and side glances at Gemini. She sighs, it's been like this all evening but after midnight things had gotten worse. She wishes David calls her soon so they can finally have some peace and quiet.

Gemini turns again by the front window and looks at her phone, before pacing towards the back of the room.

Annie takes a deep breath, so she doesn't say anything, she knows why Gemini is in such a state, no need to upset her more.

[Gemini] Ring.

Gemini mutters softly at her phone as she turns again.

Annie sighs and tries to pay attention to what she was reading before, but she knows it's not going to work with Gemini pacing around.

[Gemini] Come on. Ring.

Gemini mutters to her phone again after another few, short minutes.

Annie side glances at Gemini, taking another deep breath, now the kid was talking to the phone, it was driving her crazy.

[Gemini] Come on, David. Where are you?

Gemini whispers, during one of her infrequent pauses at the window.

[Annie] You think he's going to hear you from here?

Annie asks looking back at the papers in her hands, the house was quiet except for Gemini's pacing, so she could hear the whisper.

Gemini rolls her eyes, still facing the window.

[Gemini] Of course not.

Gemini replies in a soft, but still normal, tone of voice.

[Annie] What time was he supposed to fight the headhunter? Have any idea?

Annie looks away from the papers to check her watch.

[Gemini] Midnight.

Gemini replies, checking her phone, and the time, again, and then resuming pacing.

Annie nods still looking at her watch, it was 1:28 now, whatever happened it's been decided by now.

[Annie] Why don't you try to call him? He should be ready by now.

Annie suggest with a mental prayer the headhunter didn't take the kid's head and no one answers the phone.

[Gemini] It's not gonna be a distraction?

Gemini asks. Fear of causing a distraction is why she hasn't already called.

[Annie] Yes, but it would distract them both. Besides I doubt they're still fighting? One hour and a half is a lot of fighting.

Annie shrugs, going back to her papers.

[Gemini] I suppose...

Gemini says hesitantly and picks up the phone, and hits the pre-programed number for David, and then hesitates her finger over the "send" button.

Annie sees Gemini hesitate but decides not to say anything, it was her choice, besides maybe it wasn't such a good idea. If the kid lost, tomorrow would be soon enough to find out.

Gemini lets out a gusty sigh and hits the send button and puts the phone to her ear. Listening.

Gemini bites her lower lip as the phone rings. After what feels like an eternity, the message system kicks in.

[Gemini] No.

Gemini whispers and quickly ends the call. As quickly as she can, Gemini dials David's home number and puts the phone to her ear again.

David 's voice comes back on the phone, a recorded message, " Hello, this is David Bradford, I can't answer right now, but leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as I can. Thanks."

[Gemini] No!

Gemini cries and quickly ends the call and then flings herself into a chair.

[Gemini] No answer.

Gemini says flatly to Annie.

[Gemini] Means he lost, doesn't it?

[Annie] Hmm, probably. But I don't really know, do I? I think we should wait till tomorrow.

Annie answers, taking a deep breath. Her and her brilliant ideas, why didn't she just let it be? She feels tempted to roll up the papers and smack her own head with them.

Gemini doesn't say anything, just turns her head to stare out the window.

David turns down the engine, after he's parked his car in front of the apartment complex where he lived, and rubs his forehead tiredly. Then he slowly exits his car, locks it and moves to the trunk to get the swords, he picks them up, closes the trunk. Finally he walks slowly to the entrance, while he thinks he can't wait to get to bed. "Still need to call Gemini first." He reminds himself as he moves to the elevator.

[Annie] Look, Gemini, something could have happened to his cell phone during the fight. Maybe they both ended up in the water, and I don't know how much these things are water proof, or maybe they stepped over it. We don't really know yet.

Annie points out, regretting once again she had suggested Gemini called David, as long as she was expecting his call she wouldn't know he wasn't answering his phone.

[Gemini] Yeah. Suppose so.

Gemini mutters not looking away from the window and the blackness of night that it held.

David gets out of the elevator, and walks to his front door. He opens the door, carries the swords to the living room and leaves them on the coffee table. Then he sits on the couch tiredly, he rubs his eyes for a moment before he decides to pick up the phone to call Gemini.

Gemini jumps as her phone starts ringing. Pick it up, she sees the number.

[Gemini] Oh, thank God.

Gemini mutters and hits the answer key, and puts the phone to her ear.

[Gemini] David?

[David] Yeah, it's me.

David answers tiredly, while he extends his legs over the seat of the couch.

[David] Sorry I didn't call before, but I didn't see a payphone on the way home.

Annie takes a deep sigh of relief when Gemini starts talking to David. She really didn't want the kid to mourn him for she had no idea how long.

[Gemini] What happened to your cell?

Gemini asks.

[David] It got destroyed by the Quickening. Grilled actually. I certainly hope I can retrieve the sim card.

David makes a face at that, he'd have a lot of numbers to look for and that's assuming he could get all the numbers he had in there.

[Gemini] Good luck with that.

Gemini replies, relaxing at the sound of his voice. He did it.

[David] Yes, I should have figured not to take it, especially since I had a challenge and all.

David nods despite she can't see him, while he moves on the couch to be able to lay down.

[Gemini] Or rather left it in the car.

Gemini mutters.

[David] Yes, next time I will, though I hope there's not a next time so soon.

David says looking in the kitchen direction, he's thirsty but he doesn't feel like getting out of the couch yet.

[Gemini] Me too.

Gemini says softly.

David yawns and blinks after that, trying to keep his eyes open.

[David] Why don't I tell you the fight some other time? I really could use some sleep now.

[Gemini] Alright. Me too. I only stayed up this late, 'cause I was worried. I'll talk to you later.

Gemini says quickly.

[Gemini] Goodnight!

Gemini says and hangs the phone up.

[David] Goodnight.

David answers sleepily without realizing Gemini wouldn't listen to him anymore. "She was worried." He murmurs to himself as he puts down the phone. Apparently that should mean something but he's too tired to think, he can barely keep his eyes open at the time. He tries to get up and go to the bedroom but decides he doesn't need to at the moment. " Just a couple of minutes." He whispers to himself as he closes his eyes and dozes off to sleep immediately.

To be continued

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***Next Day – 11.30 PM***

Steven looks around when he gets near the lake, so far he didn't feel the buzz of another Immortal but it was still early. He always liked to be the first to arrive to study the ground anyway. He frowns thinking while he goes around, paying attention to the terrain. He hopes his threat on the newbie's girlfriend had worked and he finally has a chance to face him. He grins evilly when he touches the bullet proof vest he's wearing, if the kid thought he could just shoot him again he was going to get a surprise this time. He passes a bench but decides to keep walking, he's too excited to just sit and relax.

Steven checks his watch and murmurs to himself, "You better show up kid or I'm going to look for your girlfriend at the hotel reception desk." Promising himself to only wait for one hour. "I'm going to mail you her head in a box." He keeps threatening like the newbie could hear him.

David takes a deep breath when he turns right near the Lost Lagoon. He knows he's not far now, he'd been running at Stanley Park in the morning before work every time he could so he knows where the lake is. He wonders if this is the last time he's going down that road, then refuses to think about it. He couldn't stop himself from going through his life as he drove there, from childhood to present time and decides enough is enough and he should stop doing that and get some focus on what is about to happen.

Steven walks impatiently on the Beaver Lake Trail which surrounds the lake, checking his watch often. He promises himself again that if the kid doesn't show up soon, he's going to leave and go after his girlfriend. "Maybe that's where I should look for him, maybe he's protecting her or something." He murmurs under his breath. He hesitates for a moment, but decides to wait a little longer and keeps circling the lake.

David drives down Pipleine Road until he finds the parking lot he knows is there, to park his car. Before he leaves his car, he checks the ankle holster where he hid a small 25 caliber in case the headhunter decides to cheat. Everything looked fine so he exits the car, he makes a face when the awkward weight of the sword he's hiding in the linen of his raincoat pulls that side down.

David quickly adjusts his raincoat again, as he shakes his head, wondering how the other Immortals managed to look like they weren't carrying a sword. He, on the other hand, seemed to bump his leg against it with every step. He sighs as he locks his car, he hopes he can also look like that someday.

David looks around the deserted parking lot while he walks back to the road. This almost looks unreal, and he wonders for a minute what the hell is he doing in an empty parking lot at midnight with a sword inside his raincoat. Ever since he followed that crazy Immortal down the tunnel he has the feeling he fell down a hole trying to follow the white rabbit and hasn't reached the bottom yet. "Worse." He whispers as he keeps walking down the road, then he turns left to Tisdall Walk which lead directly to the lake.

Steven stops walking and checks his watch again, "He's not coming." He grumbles angrily. "You're going to be so sorry, Bradford." He threatens as he turns around intending to go back to his car, now he's decided to kill them both when he finds them, that fool had just condemn his girlfriend to die with him. He stops on his tracks when he feels an Immortal buzz, is that possible...

Davis stops the moment the feels an Immortal buzz, he knows the headhunter is near. He looks around cautiously as he pulls the sword out of the linen of his raincoat. He keeps it down trying to hide it against his leg as he resumes walking to the lake trail.

Steven grins evilly, someone's coming, he pulls out his sword, even if it wasn't who he was expecting he was going to have a Quickening tonight. His grins widens when he recognizes the man from the Bower Agency.

[Steven] I was about to look for your girlfriend, you know? You're late.

[David] Only a couple of minutes.

David shrugs as he stops a little far away from the headhunter.

[David] Planning to go somewhere?

[Steven] That's not the point! Midnight is midnight not a couple of minutes after.

Steven points out angrily as he approaches David.

David rolls his eyes as the headhunter approaches.

[David] You made me come here to fight to death or to bother me to death?

[Steven] Maybe you can avoid both if you tell me where your friend is.

Steven coaxes, he had no intention of letting that newbie go but maybe he was stupid enough to believe it, it had worked before.

[David] Yeah, right, like I'm going to do that.

David shakes his head disbelievingly.

[Steven] You may change your mind when you're down on your knees begging me to spare your life.

Steven sneers.

David takes off his raincoat, and tosses it aside. He knows he'd never be able to fight with it when he's not used to.

[David] Excuse me, don't you have to win the fight for that to happen?

[Steven] I intend to.

Steven swears as he charges at David.

David dodges the assault, raising his blade to defend himself.

Steven lunges again.

David parrying with ease steps back, drawing him on.

[Steven] Fight me.

Steven grumbles when the other man keeps avoiding him. Steven's saber is a huge weapon and he has the power to wield it. He swings the sword with lethal intent, his thrusts nearly knocking the sword from David's hands more than once. But David is more than just brute strength. He has learned well at the hand of his teacher. Steven isn't sure anymore how long they've been dancing their immortal dance of death, but he feels himself, despite his superior strength, losing ground. He is being forced backwards.

David charges at Steven then and he narrowly catches him with a lethal blow from his blade. But they both lose their footing and fall into the thick hedges.

Steven rolls free and disappears into the thick bushes that grow around the lake.

David stands up looking around for the other man. He knows Steven had more time to study the ground so he doesn't know where the attack may come from. He just stays there and listens intently. He can feel the other Immortal nearby though.

Steven takes a few deep breaths, trying to get his breath back. Then moves the bushes aside and charges at David.

David hears the hedges behind him rustle, and he whirls around to see Steven hurling himself through the shrubbery, his weapon aimed at David's head.

Steven lunges at David, forgetting everything else, but feels his right foot slip under him just as he's about to reach David, making him lose focus and balance for a split second.

David uses that faction of a second, when Steven opens his month with the surprise to run him through with his blade.

Steven yells at the sharp pain as David's sword enters his abdomen, his legs go limp below him and he kneels on the ground, growling in pain.

[David] I'm sorry, but you give me no choice.

David whispers just before he pulls out his sword and swings it, taking the headhunter's head. He sinks to his knees tiredly, gripping the hilt of his sword and awaits the Quickening.

As the Quickening begins David tries to relax, just to let it take him, but Steven had killed many Immortals in a short space of time and David is too green to take such a Quickening. The first bolt of lightning takes him in the chest, rocking him on my knees. He drops the sword without realizing it as the second bolt strikes, making every nerve ending in his body burst into flames. Coherent thought ceased as the lightning became almost continuous, hit after hit, the energy using him as some kind of flesh and blood conduit. He feels himself falling backward, then nothing.

David comes back with a startle, he's not sure if that Quickening killed him or just made him pass out. He shrugs when he decides the answer isn't that important. He manages to sit up and gasps when he realizes where he is, he's still near the headless corpse and the swords. "Imagine the cops find me in here." He murmurs under his breath as he tries to get to his feet. He can't help to smile amused when he imagines the headlines though 'Ex-cop arrested for taking man's head'. Then he frowns when he remembers something that had nothing to do with it.

[David] I can't believe I missed the end.

David complains as he stands up, he gasps in surprise when he sees his raincoat near him and Steven's corpse. He assumes it was his discarded raincoat that distracted the headhunter long enough for him to be able to get him.

David walks slowly to it and sighs disappointed when he sees the state it's in, after that Quickening he'll never be able to wear it again.

[David] Too bad, I was planning to keep you as a reminder but...

David shrugs as he walks back to the swords, he can still use it to wrap the swords back to his car. Once that's done he frowns looking down at Steven's body, he knows he should drag him to the water to make forensics job harder but he doesn't want to touch him. He makes a face just at that though, so he just picks up the swords and walks back to his car without looking back.

Ashley watches from the shadows and the bushes as the young Immortal walks off, having successfully finished his first battle. Not something all newbies managed to achieve. In fact, there were more than a few that didn’t. When they did win, it usually boded well for their survival. And as nearly anyone was better than the now fallen Steven…

[Ashley] Good luck, kid.

Ashley whispers to the now distant figure, who gets into his car and starts the engine and drives off. Ashley sighs and turns her attention to her assignment. Sadly his death was not the end of what she had to deal with. There was of course, the final write up, to do, and send out. But first... Seacouver had too high of an Immortal population to leave the beheaded body lying around for someone to stumble over.

The Watchers had unfortunately learned that one the hard way, in New York City, in the mid-80’s when the Kurgan had come to town. Since then areas with high Immortal densities for the given population had retrieval teams... or disposal teams. Depending on how you looked at it. The occasional beheaded body find was one thing, but many areas such as Seacouver, New York, Paris and others had much too high an Immortal body count, for the Watchers not to do SOMETHING about it.

Ashley reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out her cell phone, and dials a number, letting it ring. Once it is answered, Ashley simply speaks into the silence of the phone.

[Ashley] Steven Lee. Stanley Park. North Side of Beaver Lake.

[Voice on Phone] We’ll be there shortly. Is the area secure?

[Ashley] As secure as it gets for a public park at midnight. The Quickening drew no attention.

Ashley says by way of response, and then hung the phone up. Knowing that it would be taken care of, Ashley heads towards her own car. With as many years as she had been following Steven Lee, this night was closest she’d come to being found by him. When Steven had rolled into the bushes to get away from David, or rather to circle around the newbie and come at him from a different direction, he had done so, only a handful of feet from her hiding location. THANKFULLY, it was dark, she was dressed in dark colors, and had been crouched in a little alcove between about four or five bushes, which provided good screening of her, but allowed her a good vantage to watch the fight.

Picking leaves and twigs from her hair and clothing, Ashley finally makes it to her car and unlocks it and slips inside.

[Ashley] Thank God that’s finally over.

Ashley whispers to herself, then starts her car, and heads for her hotel intent on doing two things with the remains of the night: Taking a long hot shower, and finishing Steven’s close out.

To be continued

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***Half hour later***

David moans in contentment as he finishes dressing, that shower felt really good after training all afternoon. That sweat sticky feeling was driving him nuts. He tests his muscles and shakes his head with a smile, no sore muscles if you exaggerated a little is probably one of the reason he liked being an Immortal, the other being not getting old. His stomach grumbles and he moves to the kitchen to get something to eat, planning to go to bed after that.

[Gemini] I'm gonna call David... just in case. Then I'm going to take a long hot shower and brush my teeth... a lot.

Gemini states as Annie pulls into the driveway.

[Annie] Okay, that will help.

Annie nods in agreement, as she waits Gemini exits the car to park it in the garage.

Gemini gets out, and beelines it into the house, figuring she can get the water started to heat up, while she calls David.

David opens the refrigerator and makes a face at what he sees."Yeah, just remembered what I had the feeling I was forgetting." He grumbles under his breath as he closes the door and moves to the phone to order a pizza.

Gemini starts the water to the shower, waiting it for it to heat up and then picks up her cell phone and dials David's number.

David had just disconnected the call and is about to sit down to wait for the pizza, when the phone rings again.

[David] Hello?

David says as he picks up the receiver, then he sits down on the couch.

[Gemini] David?

Gemini says with a sniff.

[David] Yes, it's me.

David frowns, her voice sounded funny.

[David] Everything OK?

David asks, she sounded like she was crying?

[Gemini] It... it's Steven. He... he...

Gemini's voice catches, as she tries to keep from bawling hysterically, like she really wanted too. The shower at least would cover the sounds of it, once she got in there.

[David] Steven?

David repeats, his frown deepening, he wonders what he did to her.

[Gemini] I-I was shopping with Annie, and she went into a b-bar, and I was looking in a window, next to the bookstore, and... and...

Gemini stutters.

[David] And he found you?

David completes for her, while he thinks isn't that bad luck or what.

[Gemini] Mmmm...

Gemini nods.

[Gemini] And then.. he..

Gemini stops, and holds her breath, fighting back tears.

[David] Then he followed you when you ran back to Annie?

David would have chuckled at that thought if she didn't sound like she's about to cry. That guy probably ran as fast as he could when Gemini got to Annie.

[Gemini] No. He grabbed me, and pulled me down an alley.

Gemini whispers.

[David] He what?

David exclaims as he jumps to his feet.

[David] Are you OK? Need me to go get you or something?

[Gemini] No. I'm back home, but... he said he had some... "Business" to refer to and then he said he was gonna come for and..

Gemini pauses for a moment, a whimper comes from her.

[Gemini] Then he said gonna come for me and **** me.

Gemini gets out the last in a whisper.

[David] What?

David asks in surprise, that guy was getting crazier and crazier by the minute.

[Gemini] He said he was gonna be INSIDE ME! And that he knew that's what I wanted!

Gemini said yelling into the phone, then gasping as tears fell down her face.

[Gemini] Sorry.

Gemini whispers.

[David] That guy is sick.

David makes a face disgusted, his determination to fight and kill him growing with every word Gemini was telling him.

[David] Don't worry, I'll take care of him tomorrow.

David grumbled angrily, while he thinks he would have finished him on that parking lot if Sarah wasn't with him at the time.

[Gemini] You... you're his "Business"?

Gemini asks.

[David] Yeah, he said if I don't fight him he'll kill Sarah, nice huh?

David nods before he rubs his head tiredly.

[David] One way or the other this is going to end tomorrow.

[Gemini] J-just call me when he's dead.

Gemini asks quietly.

[David] I will.

David nods again, with a smile, pleased that she believed he could take him.

[Gemini] I gotta go.

Gemini says, and flips her phone shut ending the call.

[Gemini] I can't stand this!

Gemini yells, flinging the phone onto her bed and stripping on her way into the shower, once into the shower, she started sobbing, as she soaped up and started scrubbing, every inch, determine to clean away even the memory of Steven.

Annie straightens up, and looks away from the fridge, in the direction of Gemini's room, when she hears her yell. She listens intently for a moment but can't hear anything but the water running from the shower, so she resumes her work. "Note to self, teach her to overcome this or the poor kid is going to cry all her life." She murmurs under her breath as she puts the rest of what they bought inside the fridge.

David puts down the phone, the frown returning to his face when he thinks how that guy managed to get so close to Gemini without giving her time to run away. He considers calling her again, but dismisses the idea, she was upset enough, he shouldn't put her through that again. "What's done is done." He murmurs under his breath, shrugging slightly. Then there's a knock on the door and he walks there to get his pizza.

To be continued

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***Next day – Mid-afternoon***

Steven is lifted off of his feet as fingers of electricity worm their way out of the neck of the fallen Immortal and into Steven. He feels the more than million pins pricking his entire body from the inside out. The rush is accompanied by a feeling of warmth filling him....covering him. The pins change to vibrations. Stimulating vibrations that bring on Steven's Arousal and he throws his head back and moans....a broad grin a gratification crossing his face.

[Steven] Yes....yes.....Oh yes.

Steven moans as the Quickening's intensity grows and so does his arousal. It becomes so intense that, once Steven has reached his orgasm the intensity of the Quickening begins to dissipate and just when he thinks it is over another bolt of lightening connects with the top of his head and actually spins him around....his feet still a couple of feet off the ground. Then comes the pain. Pain so overwhelming he feels as though he might go mad. He lets out a scream....more pain....another scream and suddenly he is feeling both a super intense orgasm and massive jolts of searing pain at the same time. His screams turn to howls. When he thinks he can't stand anymore and the Quickening will surely kill him....he is dropped, unceremoniously, to the ground and everything stops. The air becomes eerily still. He lays on the ground, unable to move, for several minutes. Then he slowly gets to his feet and looks over at the headless body and grins, victoriously.

[Steven] You never knew what you were....or why you had to die. Did you, kid?

Steven says to the headless body of the young Immortal he has just beheaded. He picks up his sword and walks away from the large drainage tunnel along the banks of the peninsula. When he gets to his car he places his sword on the floor of the back seat and decides to walk off some of the excess energy left by the Quickening. He locks his car and starts strolling down the sidewalk...feeling completely satisfied and pleased with himself.

[Steven] Good evening.

Steven says, cheerfully to an elderly couple walking hand and hand and headed in the opposite direction. As he continues to stroll casually down the sidewalk he suddenly gets an idea.

[Steven] Yeah. I could do that. I WILL do that. It'll be awesome.....the best.

Steven says to himself and his smile grows as he pictures himself inside of her what he knows she really wants and more importantly....what he wants and just when they are both at the peak of their simultaneous orgasms....he will take her head so he can experience the orgasm and the Quickening at the same time.

[Steven] Steven, my are so smart. It'll be epic.

Steven says to himself. He stops in front of a shop window and uses his reflection in the glass to smooth his hair.

Annie stops on her tracks as she sees a bar next to the store they just came out. She really could use a drink, she side glances at Gemini and sighs, since she's turned to an Immortal babysitter she hasn't been to a place like that.

[Annie] I really could use a drink.

Annie murmurs under her breath as she resumes walking.

Gemini looks over at the bar, hearing Annie's murmur.

[Gemini] Umm... you mind if I go into the bookstore?

Gemini says pointing to the sign of a second hand bookstore about five stores down. Figuring, she could at least give Annie the opportunity if that's what she wanted, since the sign said "Only 21 or older allowed inside" and since she wasn't 21, by anyone's standards...

Annie side glances at Gemini, like the kid didn't have a lot of books already, but decides not to say anything. She just shrugs and points at the bar.

[Annie] Fine, I'll be in there, just stay in public and nothing will happen to you. I'll be there in 15 minutes or so.

[Gemini] Okay.

Gemini agrees.

Annie hesitates a moment, wondering if she's doing the right thing by leaving the kid alone, but decides she'll be alright as long as she stays in public and enters the bar.

Gemini watches Annie enter the bar and sighs. She knows that Annie is giving up a lot to teach her, and that she's more than a bit of a burden on the older woman, she just hoped it wasn't too much, and vaguely wondered what else she could do to make this less of a burden on the older Immortal.

[Gemini] Something to think on.

Gemini mutters to herself.

Annie enters the bar and the players at the pool tables and darts turn their heads to look at her. She takes a deep breath as she passes them, so she doesn't say anything and moves to the back corner of the room, as far away from them as possible. She came here for a drink not to get upset.

Steven turns away from his reflection in the shop window and continues to casually stroll down the sidewalk. Suddenly he feel the presence of another Immortal. Steven looks around at the faces of those few shoppers mingling around the shops and cafes.

[Steven] Where are you, you son of a ****.

Steven says under his breath as he looks at each face, trying to determine the source of the Immortal buzz.

Gemini pauses before a window display of a dress. She wishes she could wear it and magically have David see her as an adult in it. She sighs, when she suddenly feels the buzz of another immortal. "Short drink," she mutters to herself, assuming it's Annie.

Steven 's eyes fall on Gemini and a sadistic smirk crosses his face.

[Steven] Well look who we have here. Could my luck be any better?

Steven says to himself as he ducks back into the shadows of a shops entry way.

Steven waits until a group of about 7 or 8 giggling college girls stroll past and stop at the fountain in front of the shop then he moves through the group...using the girls as cover. He sneaks around the fountain and manages to used a few other shoppers as cover and comes around behind Gemini. Steven walks behind Gemini and takes hold of her upper arm while stepping up close enough to her body that he can feel her body's warmth through her clothes and his.

[Gemini] Annie, what?

Gemini starts then turns enough to realize that not only was it not Annie, but realize who it was. She feels her face pale.

Steven gives her upper arm a forceful squeeze and leans close to her ear.

[Steven] Now let's not make a scene....shall we?

Steven whispers and moves her toward a small alcove between two buildings where their "community dumpster" is kept.

Gemini looks frantically down the street towards the bar, praying to see Annie coming their way.

Steven turns into the small area between the two buildings, thinking it's a full alley and that he can take Gemini through it to the next street then double back to his car.

[Gemini] Please.

Gemini says softly, protesting just a little, against Steven's grip.

Steven halfway pushes half way drags Gemini about 10 feet into the shadows between the two buildings when he realizes that it isn't a true alley when they come to a dead end....and only one way out.

[Gemini] Let me go.

Gemini protests more firmly, taking aim at Steven's foot and stomping down as hard as she could.

Steven lets out a howl of pain and instinctively lets go of Gemini's arm to grab his foot.

[Steven] Why you little ****.

Steven exclaims as he leans back against the dumpster.

Gemini turns and immediately tries for the street again.

Steven lets go of his foot and pushes himself away from the dumpster. He takes a couple of long strides toward Gemini and reaches out and grabs hold of the back of her coat and yanks backward...pulling her back up against him.

[Gemini] Mouff

Gemini lets out as an exclamation as she is quite literally yanked off her feet.

Steven walks backward...dragging Gemini along. He pulls her behind the large dumpster so that they can have a little privacy. Her slams her back against the brick wall behind the dumpster and holds her there as he leans close and sniffs the side of her neck.

Gemini is stunned as Steven slams her against the wall of the ally. He has done it with such force, Gemini literally sees stars.

The scent of Gemini's neck begins to arouse Steven and he closes his eyes and licks the side of her neck. Steven 's tongue moves around to the front of Gemini's throat.

Gemini jerks back, in what way she can, at the feel of Steven's tongue.

[Gemini] NO!

Gemini protests, as the stars fade, she starts trying to struggle again.

Steven shoves Gemini harder against the wall. All she would need to do is scream and somebody out on the street would end up coming into the "alley" if just to feed their curiosity and that was a problem he didn't need. So Steven clamps his hand over Gemini's mouth and presses the back of her head against the brick wall.

Gemini whimpers slightly from the pain of the hit and and pressure of the hand.

[Steven] I know you want it as bad as I do.

Steven says quietly...his face just millimeters from hers.

Gemini protests, not that anything other than mumbles came out, with his hand over her mouth.

[Steven] bad as we want it....a huge obstacle has to be eliminated before we can be together. I'll be taking care of that problem tomorrow night then I'll come get you and make you the luckiest and happiest girl in the world. I will truly be memorable.

Steven says, breathing his hot breath on her face.

[Gemini] Problem?

Gemini tries to demand around his hand, not entirely sure she even succeeded, and not daring to think about what he meant by the rest of his comment.

[Steven] Yes, my little Gem.

Steven says...using the abbreviated version of Gemini's name as his pet name for her.

[Steven] Daddy has some business to attend to first. Business before pleasure, you know. You'll just have to be patient. I'll be inside you soon enough.

Steven plants a rough kiss on her lips....forcing her head against the wall again so she can't move away.

Gemini is stunned for a moment by the revelation that Steven just made, and is unable to help the gasp that escapes her as Steven kisses her.

Steven feels the rush of her breath in his mouth and thinks it is Gemini responding favorably to him and he proceeds to stick his tongue into her mouth as he adds more passion to the kiss.

Gemini 's bites down hard, when Steven tongue enters her mouth. Now at the point of just reacting, she turns her hips, ignoring the scrape of the brick wall and forces her knee up as hard as she can into his arousal.

Steven cries out when Gemini bites him and pulls back then the wind is knocked out of him as he feels a searing pain in his groin that is radiating up through his gut and he falls back against the dumpster and doubles over....his knees going out from under him, he crumples to the ground, in the fetal position, and writhes in pain.

Gemini gasps and stares stunned for a moment, and then recovers her wits and sprints out of little alley way.

After a couple of seemingly eternity length minutes, Steven manages to crawl to his knees, takes a few deep breaths then scrambles to his feet. He brushes dirt from his clothes and looks around. The sun has set and the street is now illuminated by the glow from the amber colored street lamps. He casually heads out of the "alley" and forces himself not to limp as he turns on the street and heads for where he had left his car.

Annie exits the bar, shaking his head, some things never changed, just because a woman was alone all those clowns had assumed she was interested in some company when in fact she only wanted a drink. She turns around in the direction Gemini would be and begins to walk that way.

Gemini runs in the direction of the bar that Annie went in. Suddenly feeling a buzz again, she looks behind her as she runs, praying it wasn't Steven.

Annie stops on her tracks when she feels an Immortal buzz, then sighs in relief when she sees Gemini running her way. She frowns a little when she sees her looking back, wondering if something was wrong.

Gemini keeps searching desperately behind her, for any sign on Steven, when suddenly she hits something, hard.

Annie extends her arms and puts her hands on Gemini's shoulders to steady her, while she moves a step back to regain her balance.

[Annie] What's going on?

Annie could tell by Gemini's behavior something was definitely up.

[Gemini] Is he following me?

Gemini demands, even through the relief of finding that what she had run into was actually Annie.

Annie looks around with a frown, wondering who she's talking about.

[Annie] Who is following you?

[Gemini] Steven!

Gemini exclaims, not seeing the need to explain further.

[Annie] Steve...

Annie looks down sharply at her.

[Annie] You mean the headhunter?

[Gemini] Yes!

Gemini says still searching the way she had come.

Annie 's eyes glare coldly as she looks around trying to find him.

[Annie] So where is he?

[Gemini] He was in the alley he dragged me into.

Gemini says.

[Annie] What alley?

Annie frowns a little, she didn't know there was an alley around here.

[Gemini] Back there. By the bookstore.

Gemini points.

[Gemini] It's not really an alley, just a deeper space to hold a dumpster rather than have it on the street.

Annie rolls her eyes, trying not to say something, she could tell the kid was upset, but she had to find a way to get dragged into some sort of alley.

[Annie] Let's go then, I want to see if he's still there.

Annie says as she resumes walking, she was going to make sure that guy got the message and left her student alone if he wanted to keep on living.

Gemini shudders, but didn't say anything, walking alongside Annie towards the ally.

Annie frowns as they walk, the alley was after they passed the bookstore. She side glances at Gemini still frowning slightly.

[Annie] And why come this way, I thought you were only going to the bookstore? Didn't tell me you were going to wander around.

Annie points out, turning her head again to keep on looking. She's betting the guy is gone since she's not feeling anything but better make sure first.

[Gemini] A dress in the store next to the bookstore caught my attention. I was looking at that. Felt an immortal, assumed it was you, until HE grabbed me, and then he pulled me into this alley.

Gemini says truthfully.

[Annie] You ASSUMED it was me?

Annie stops walking at looks at her student disbelievingly.

[Annie] Don't tell me you didn't even bother to look.

[Gemini] By the time I did, he was standing next to me.

Gemini replies, knowing there was no point in even trying to lie.

[Annie] I'd have never left you alone if I thought you were going to behave like that.

Annie shakes her head with a sigh, as she does so she notices something on Gemini's head.

[Annie] And what's that on your hair?

[Gemini] Dunno.

Gemini says with a shrug, feeling utterly dejected.

[Annie] It's dry blood, isn't it? That guy beat you up.

Annie asks before she takes a deep breath to stay calm, she assumes the kid has been through enough already today.

[Gemini] No. Not, exactly.

Gemini says turning to lean against the wall.

[Annie] Then what?

Annie takes another deep breath, she just wishes the kid would tell her everything instead of making her drag it out word by word.

[Gemini] He pulled me into the alley, and I protested... Stomped on his foot, and he let go of me, I ran and almost made it back to the street, but he caught hold of my coat and pulled me back, and behind the dumpster where he forced me against the wall, and...

Gemini trailed off, not wanting to finish, but knowing she would.

[Gemini] And then he licked me.

Gemini says, this time stopping, trying to form words to continue, but not really able too.

[Annie] He what?

Annie stares at Gemini in disbelief for a moment, before she looks around angrily, wishing she'd get this guy right here and now.

[Gemini] I tried to get away, but he...

Gemini takes a deep breath.

[Gemini] He says that he knows I....

Gemini closes her eyes and shutters, not wanting to repeat it.

Annie turns her head to look back at Gemini, and nods, she can tell where this is going.

[Annie] He threatened to **** you, didn't he?

Gemini just nods, unable to say the words.

[Annie] They usually do.

Annie shakes her head with a sigh.

[Annie] Men. I wish they'd come up with something original for once.

[Gemini] He said, he had a problem to take care of first... I think he meant David.

Gemini whispers.

[Annie] Well, I'd say let David and his teacher worry about that.

Annie shrugs unconcerned, she knows Gemini has a crush on David but that's not enough reason to start worrying about him, she didn't even like the guy.

[Annie] We should go back to the car. There's nothing here to see.

Annie suggests assuming the headhunter is long gone.

[Gemini] Kay.

Gemini agrees, no enthusiasm in her voice.

[Annie] And if David or his teacher don't take his head, I will, so I wouldn't worry too much about the headhunter.

Annie points out as she turns in the direction they'd left the car, as she thinks to herself that guy is dead.

[Gemini] I'm going to be sick.

Gemini says pushing past Annie, and moving quickly to some bushes, to empty her stomach.

Annie waits Gemini is done standing patiently where she had stopped, and debating what can she do to make Gemini feel better. She's not used to comfort other Immortals.

Gemini finishes emptying her stomach, and hugs herself, helpless tears running down her face.

[Gemini] He talked about wanting to be in me, and how he knew its what I wanted too.

Gemini says unable to get the words out of her head.

[Annie] Yeah, rapists are delusional like that.

Annie nods, then she takes a deep breath and walks the few steps separating them and lightly pats her shoulder.

[Annie] Only you know what you want.

[Gemini] Not him.

Gemini says emphatically.

[Annie] You don't have to tell me that, I know.

Annie reassures her, while she thinks she'd been through the same with Kronos, worse, she had no one to ask for help.

[Gemini] Can we just go home?

Gemini asks.

[Annie] Of course.

Annie nods, refraining herself for saying they'd be on the way if she didn't stop to throw up, then walks back to the sidewalk to get to the car.

Gemini much subdued, follows.

To be continued

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***Next Day – A little after lunch hour***

David is working at the Bower Agency going through some client files when his cell phone starts ringing. He's really surprised when side glancing at the monitor he sees Sarah's number, over a month without anything from her and suddenly she's calling him again? He answers his cell wondering what she wants.

[David] Hello?

[Sarah] David?

Sarah says softly when he answers.

[David] Yes, it's me. Everything OK?

David asks just for the sake of saying something.

[Sarah] That guy you shot...

Sarah says slowly.

David waits Sarah goes on, when she doesn't he asks.

[David] The guy I shot what?

[Sarah] He... I guess he must have had a vest on or something, 'cause he stopped me on my way to work, today.

Sarah says slowly after a moment.

[David] He what?

David exclaims as he gets to his feet and starts pacing, he never imagined that guy would dare to do that.

[Sarah] Yeah, he ah.. asked me to pass a message on to you.

Sarah adds.

[David] Yeah? What's the message?

David asks, mentally smacking his head for thinking, she had nothing to do with his problem with that guy, he'd seen them together.

[Sarah] He said he'd very much like to see you. At the North end of Beaver Lake in Stanley park, tomorrow at Midnight. Or...

Sarah trails off not wanting to even believe what the man had told her.

[David] Or?

David repeats, making a frown.

[Sarah] Or he'd see to it that you'll never see me again.

Sarah tells David, repeating word for word what the man had told her, though she felt fairly confident that a 'or anyone else for that matter,' was likely a safe bet to add onto the end of what he said.

[David] I see.

David says nodding, even though she can't see him. The message was clear, if he kept avoiding a fight that guy would go after Sarah.

[Sarah] Do you?

Sarah asks.

[David] Yes, I do. Don't worry I'll take care of it.

David assures her, he figures even if he loses that guy would leave her alone, it was him he was trying to get at.

[Sarah] Good.

Sarah says sharply, then flips her cell phone shut, ending the call.

David shakes his head when he hears her sharp remark, and then she disconnects the call. Apparently she was still mad at him. He sighs thinking what could have been if that Immortal hadn't shown up when he did, then he remembers the things she'd told him before they parted.

[David] Well, not really fit to be an Immortal's girlfriend. Or a P.I.'s girlfriend for that matter.

David murmurs under his breath, he shrugs as he uses the cell phone on his hand to call Craig. When he's sent to messages, he leaves a message on his voice-mail. and heads for the door. He needs to train as much as he can until tomorrow night. He has a feeling he's going to need it.

To be continued

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****One month later****

Craig parks his SUV in the parking area above the private beach he and David have been coming to work out. He gets out of his car and grabs his sword out of the floor of the back seat and also grabs a long leather case. He carries both down to the beach and sets everything down on a large boulder. He begins doing a few stretches while he waits for David.

David parks his car near Craig's still looking through the rearview mirror, he was sure he'd lost that PI a few crossroads ago but he wants to be absolutely sure. He waits for a while inside his car, but since he sees nothing, he exits and moves to the trunk to get his gym bag and an ice chest with bottles of water. He locks both door and begins to walk down the path on the way to the beach.

Craig feels the buzz of another Immortal and stops what he is doing to look at the path leading down to the beach...hoping it is David.

David finally gets down to the beach and walks to the place they usually meet, he can tell Craig is already there since he'd felt his buzz, at least he hopes it's his buzz.

Craig smiles when he sees David and picks up the towel that is draped on the rock where his sword is leaning and wipes sweat from his face.

[Craig] Everything good at the office?

Craig asks David since he had left the office early to run an errand before meeting David here.

David drops the things he was carrying near Craig's stuff, while he nods.

[David] Yes, everything is under control I think. Sorry I'm late, had to make a detour. That guy is still following me.

David says making a face at that, if he didn't know it was a waste of time he'd talk to that guy, but he was being paid to do a job so he'd never give up on that.

[Craig] You still haven't figured out what he wants?

Craig asks as he fishes a bottle of water out of the ice chest, opens it and takes a long drink.

[David] I assume that headhunter hired him, he was waiting for me yesterday when I left the agency.

David shrugs, he was getting used to that by now.

[David] Didn't have to shoot him this time.

[Craig] Then maybe it's time you put things on your terms instead of his.

Craig says as he puts the cap back on the bottle of water and sets it on top of the large rock.

[David] I just wish he'd go away or something.

David shakes his head with a sigh, he knows he's not going to be that lucky.

[Craig] Well it is obvious that that's not going to happen so you aren't going to be able to avoid the inevitable for long.

Craig says looking at David seriously.

[Craig] Wouldn't it be better if you were controlling things rather than him?

Craig asks David. He knows that the answer to his question should be "yes" but he wants to see if David does.

[David] Yes, but that means...

David looks at Craig disbelievingly.

[David] You want me to challenge him?

Craig is in the process of picking up the leather case and setting it on the top of the rock, but he stops what he is doing and looks at David...frowning.

[Craig] It doesn't matter what I want you to do, Bradford. You're an adult. You are capable of making your own decisions.

Craig says and looks at the case in his hand and wonders if it is too soon to have brought it.

[Craig] I know that if it were me....I'd rather be the one calling the shots and would make that happen. But that's me.

[David] Yeah I know, but it's a bad idea to **** your own teacher, not to mention your boss.

Craig goes ahead and sets the case on the rock but doesn't open it.

David chuckles amused, while he thinks that sometimes doing what you feel like ends up costing you in the long run.

[Craig] Why would I be pissed off?

Craig asks and quirks an eyebrow questioningly.

[David] I was surprised that's all, I thought you'd tell me the opposite thing.

David shrugs a little.

[Craig] No, David. You were hoping I would tell you what to do so you wouldn't have to think for yourself. If I were to tell you to run away it would take the responsibility of the decision out of your hands.

Craig folds his arms across his chest.

[Craig] It makes me wonder who did your thinking for you all of these years.

Craig says, shaking his head. He walks over to the open area where he had been doing his stretches and starts doing a few more.

[David] Yeah, you're right, ever since I became an Immortal, I sort of... lost confidence?

David nods in agreement.

[David] Well this was a little hard to swallow in the beginning, people living forever? I kept thinking why me? Don't feel special to be granted this.

[Craig] Nobody said you were special. None of us are. It's just the way things are. But we've been over this a million times already and it's time to get down to business. I suggest you get warmed up.

Craig says almost coldly. He turns his back to David and stretches the muscles in his legs.

David rolls his eyes before he starts to move to warm up, apparently he managed to get Craig mad at him without even wanting to.

As Craig does a few more stretches with his back to David he reviews the last several months that David has been his student. A month ago David lacked, not only the skill to beat Craig in a serious sparring session but the confidence as well. But during the last month he had seen David grow and change. He had become more confident with each session and had actually beaten Craig the last 5 times they had sparred. That is why he had figured it was time for David to have his own sword and had gone out and had one made just for him. Now he wonders if he had rushed it and had made the wrong call about David's progress. With seemed that they took two steps forward and one step back. At least that's how it had started out. He thought things had changed. Had he been blind? Did he miss something? Was he that bad of a teacher? Craig shakes his head. "Now he's got you second guessing yourself," he thinks to himself. He stops stretching and walks over to the rock and takes a drink from his water bottle.

David moves to his gym bag and takes a towel to clean the sweat, then he moves to get a bottle of water and takes a sip.

[Craig] HERE!

Craig shouts and tosses the practice sword to David.

David manages to catch the practice sword in the air with his right hand, still keeping the water bottle in his left.

[David] And no, you didn't make me drop anything this time.

David chuckles amused, Craig had done it so many times, he wasn't falling for it anymore.

Craig picks up his own sword and charges at David...slashing his sword from right to left at shoulder height.

David raises his sword to block Craig's move, dropping the water bottle to hold the hilt of the sword with both hands.

[David] Spoke to soon, right? Shouldn't you say en guarde or something?

David teases while he pushes him back with his sword.

[Craig] You talk too much, Bradford.

Craig snaps and slashes his blade aiming it for David's head.

Craig continues to slash and slice at him little time in between attacks.

[David] And someone is in a really bad mood today.

David points out as he keeps blocking Craig, realizing he doesn't even need to think about it anymore.

Craig batters at David...pushing him backwards with every attack until he has forced him across the beach to the rocky cliff wall. With one final move he manages to swirl his blade around David's and with one quick upward stroke, dislodges David's sword from his grasp and sending it flying a few feet away. He quickly brings his own blade up he shoves David back against the rock wall...he lays the blade of his sword against David's throat.

[Craig] In order to be in any kind of mood you have to feel something and if you're feeling something during a battle for your're letting your emotions interfere and you'll lose.

Craig hisses...his face only inches from David's.

[Craig] You're too busy trying to be cute and come up with cute little quips. That's why you're in the position you are now.

Craig adds and lets go of David. He turns and walks away.

[Craig] You need to decide if you want to be a comedian or a fighter. Which one do you think will keep your head attached to your shoulders?

Craig asks without turning to look back at David.

David takes a deep breath, Craig had a point in there, this wasn't a game despite the name it carried and he'd never behaved like this when he was working.

[David] Fine. Point taken.

David nods before he moves to get his sword back.

Craig walks silently over to the rock and picks up his bottle of water, uncaps it and takes a big drink....keeping his back to David the whole time.

David gets his sword and moves to the water bottle he had to drop to defend himself without saying a word. Surprisingly Craig keeps his back turned to him, that upsets David a lot, his teacher thinks he's a wimp just because he refuses to take these lessons too seriously? David attacks him without thinking.

Craig sees David's shadow on the sand and whirls around...blocking David's blade with his.

[Craig] You suddenly decide to grow a pair, Bradford?

Craig says, tauntingly as he counter attacks with a thrust aimed at David's chest.

[David] You talk too much, Bower, you know that?

David answers blocking Craig again and moving to counter attack, his teacher's attitude today was beginning to **** him off and he really wants to win against him.

Craig blocks David's blade and parries with a slash which connects with David's side.

David blocks him again, then slashes and parries a few consecutive times until he gets to Craig's side and slips his leg behind Craig's to trip him.

Craig stumbles backward...losing his balance and falling on his ass.

David swirls his blade around Craig's and gives an upward thrust to disarm him at the same time. He stands over him and puts the tip of his sword on Craig's throat.

[David] Yield?

David asks looking at him coldly, his face void of emotion.

Craig looks up at David and forces himself to not show his satisfaction. He puts the tip of his finger on the tip of David's blade and moves it away from his throat.

[Craig] Yield.

Craig says and rolls out from under David. He gets to his feet and brushes sand off of his clothes.

[Craig] By the way...

Craig says as he starts walking toward the rock where his bottle of water is.

[Craig] Your sweat pants have a hole in the crotch.

Craig says as he picks up his bottle of water and takes a long drink.

David shakes his head at the remark, still too upset to joke about it, he just couldn't switch moods that easily.

[David] I realize you're my friend, my boss and my teacher, but I'm not going to take that **** even from you, get it?

David grumbles as he moves to get his bottle of water, keeping Craig in sight, just in case after what he did.

Craig picks up his towel and wipes sweat from his face as he steps away from the rock.

[Craig] Open the case.

Craig says simply and takes another drink of his water.

David frowns looking down at the case, he'd noticed it when he arrived but forgot all about it in the meantime. He bends over to pick it up and opens it slowly.

David gasps in surprise when he sees what's inside.

[David] Craig, I...

[Craig] You now have all of the tools you need to take care of your stalker. How you choose to use them is up to you. I've done all I can do.

Craig says and wipes the back of his neck with the towel.

David keeps looking at the sword for a while, until he manages to take his eyes away from it.

[David] Thank you.

David manages to say, incapable of saying anything else at the moment.

Craig begins to gather up his belongings.

[Craig] Don't be late in the morning. We have a meeting with the Seacouver Opera House about upgrading their security system.

Craig says as he checks the area to make sure he isn't forgetting anything. Then he starts walking towards the path that leads up to the parking area.

David nods absentmindedly as he reluctantly closes the case, he couldn't stop looking at his sword. Craig had a point, now he had the tools, question is what he's going to do next.

To be continued

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***2 Hours Later***

David looks around wondering what to do with the rest of his free afternoon, he considers running for a while but after his workout with Craig he feels too tired to do so. He's on his way to the kitchen to get something to eat when he remembers he should tell Gemini what happened last night, so he moves to the phone instead and dials Gemini's number.

Gemini blinks as her cell phone rings and picks it up, glancing at the caller ID. Flipping her phone open, she puts it to her ear. "Hi, David," she says, blushing slightly, and glad Annie is in another room.

[David] Hello Gemini, everything OK?

David asks as he takes a seat on the couch, figuring he could sit while talking on the phone.

[Gemini] Yeah, everything's fine. Why?

Gemini asks curiously.

[David] Well, I've got some news about our "friend" the psycho. Thought I should tell you.

David shrugs as he leans back on the couch.

[Gemini] What happened?

Gemini demands knowing SOMETHING must have happened, if not what.

[David] I had a date with Sarah last night. We had dinner and then we went to see the Blueman Group. He was waiting for us on the parking lot when we got out.

David explains with an unhappy sigh when he thinks, probably it was their last date.

[Gemini] Oh, no! Are you okay?

Gemini exclaims.

[David] I'm fine, so is Sarah, but only because I shot him 4 times before he fell. He was coming right at us with a sword.

David makes a face at the thought he'd let him go, and he wishes again he was alone yesterday.

[Gemini] Oh, no! How did Sarah take it?

Gemini asks cautiously.

[David] Not really well. She wanted me to call to police and I wanted to get out of there before that guy came back to life again, so I practically dragged her to the car and drove off. How would you explain that to her, especially being an ex-cop?

David tells Gemini as his rubs his forehead tiredly, the scene from last night replaying on his mind all over again.

[Gemini] You could tell her the truth.

Gemini suggested, rather doubting David would even honestly consider it.

[David] Oh yeah, sure, why not? She told me she wants a quiet life, that she doesn't need this kind of excitement. And I'm supposed to tell her we get this all the time?

David grumbles, then takes a deep breath when he realizes that it's not Gemini he's angry with. It wouldn't be fair she'd be the one to take it.

[Gemini] Well, don't most of us want a quiet life?

Gemini asks softly.

[David] Yes, but we're not going to get one unless we go to Holy Ground.

David shrugs wondering if that's what he really wanted anyway, sounded a little bit boring.

[David] When she said that she was referring to my job, I don't think she wants to hear that there's more.

David adds while he thinks that he doubts she could handle the truth.

[Gemini] I'm sorry, David.

Gemini murmurs softly into the phone.

[David] I think it would happen sooner or later given my line of work, a guy with a gun wouldn't make much of a difference, so I'm glad it happened before we moved our relationship to the next level, I think, we were just getting to know each other.

David shrugs, thinking it also saved him the trouble of telling her the truth eventually.

[Gemini] So... w-what about the guy?

Gemini asks nervously, but knowing she needed and Annie would want, as much information as possible.

[David] I left him dead at the parking lot. Didn't see him today, but I spent the night at a hotel and didn't go to work today.

David explains while he frowns wondering again how that guy managed to find him at the parking lot when he'd been looking around for him.

[Gemini] W-what did Craig say?

Gemini says asking her next question.

[David] Oh he didn't say much, he preferred to show it to me. We've been practicing all morning.

David shakes his head disbelievingly when he remembers he'd managed to beat it somehow.

[Gemini] Oh, that's good.

Gemini says, hoping to sound relieved.

[David] And you know what?

David asks still too surprised to keep it to himself.

[Gemini] What?

Gemini asks.

[David] I've managed to beat him.

[Gemini] What? Really? David, that's awesome!

Gemini gushes.

David then adds with a smile.

[David] And don't ask me how I did it. I have no idea.

[Gemini] David, that's really great. You'll be ready to teach yourself before you know it.

Gemini jokes, then winces hoping he doesn't read into that.

[David] Yeah right.

David says skeptically, he realized he still had a lot to learn.

Gemini shrugs, even though she knows David can't see it, not sure what to say to David's skeptical statement.

[David] Anyway, I need to get something to eat. I just wanted to tell you about the psycho and to warn you I might be being watched. I'm beginning to suspect he hired a mortal or something, there's no way he could have followed me when I've been looking for him.

[Gemini] Thank you for the heads up. I appreciate it.

Gemini says.

[Gemini] I'll make sure to let Annie know.

Gemini adds after a moment of thought.

[David] Hmm Annie, yes. I'm glad that Judge Everson and her are still around now that I'm free.

David jokes, while he shakes his head thinking that maybe he should try to figure out which one did he want first.

[Gemini] Oh... really?

Gemini asks, hoping the disappointment in her voice wasn't too evident.

Annie frowns when she walks in the living room and hears Gemini's tone of voice the kid sounded really disappointed. She side glances at her as she walks a little far away to give her some privacy while she's talking on the phone. Then she sits on a couch going through some papers.

[David] Really. Maybe Sarah dumping me wasn't such a bad thing after all.

David chuckles softly as he gets to his feet.

[Gemini] Uh huh.

Gemini says noncommittedly.

[David] Anyway, I need to go, talk to you later.

[Gemini] Okay.

Gemini says.

David says before he disconnects, then he goes to the kitchen to check what he had in the fridge.

[Gemini] Bye.

Gemini whispers as she shuts the phone and then stares at with longing.

Annie side glances from the papers she was reading to take a look at Gemini when the phone call ends and she doesn't say anything. Annie frowns when she sees Gemini just looking at it.

[Annie] Problems?

Gemini jumps. She hadn't actually realized Annie was even in the room, though a glance showed that the older woman, had obviously walked by her.

[Gemini] No. Well... sort of. That was David.

Gemini sighs.

[Annie] What did he want now?

Annie asks out of politeness, she's not really interested in the answer, it's not like she cared what happened to the kid.

[Gemini] The umm... guy that's been after me? Is after him too. Attacked him last night.

Gemini says.

[Annie] Of course he is, he's after all newbies. Didn't you hear what Adam told us?

Annie shrugs before she puts the papers on the coffee table and looks at Gemini.

[Annie] Is that the reason you're so quiet?

Annie asks suspecting there was more to it.

[Gemini] No. David just said that Craig, his teacher, thought you and I should know.

Gemini shrugs.

[Annie] It wasn't that hard to figure out he'd go after another newbie once he couldn't find you right away.

Annie shrugs still studying Gemini.

[Gemini] Well... that and he'd seen us together.

Gemini adds.

[Annie] But that's not the reason you stared at the phone once you disconnected the call, was it?

Annie goes on refusing to discuss the obvious all over again.

Gemini winces and blushes slightly at the same time. "No."

Annie rolls her eyes when she realizes what's this all about. She should have figured something like this would happen. She leans back on the couch with a sigh.

[Annie] It's David, isn't it?

[Gemini] Isn't what?

Gemini asks.

Annie side glances at Gemini with a "Who do you think you're fooling?" look on her face.

[Annie] Do we need to go through details?

[Gemini] I-I don't understand.

Gemini says.

[Annie] Apparently we need to go through details.

Annie shakes her head with a sigh.

[Annie] It's pretty obvious you have a crush on him, you know?

[Gemini] ****! It's that obvious?

Gemini asks, visibly wilting.

[Annie] To someone who gets to know you, yes.

Annie nods, then she smiles a little.

[Gemini] Oh, ****.

Gemini moans.

[Annie] Don't worry I don't think he noticed anything, he's a guy after all.

Annie adds refraining herself from adding, "and not particularly bright on how women feel."

[Gemini] Yeah... Not like that helps any.

Gemini mumbles.

[Annie] Sorry I tell you this, but actually I doubt he even noticed you. He's still thinking like a mortal, you have to give him time.

Annie says not really sure if she should have said that.

[Gemini] I don't know if time will help. He sees me as a little girl. And it's not like I can change how old I appear. At least not by much.

Gemini sighs.

[Annie] Gemini, that's one of the things we realize as the time goes by, that the way we look doesn't have anything to do with how old we are.

Annie points out shrugging again.

[Annie] I'm sure he'd heard the not getting old part, but I doubt he realized what it means.

[Gemini] And what does it mean?

Gemini asks, thinking she sees where Annie is going with it, but she wants it spelled out.

[Annie] That you can't guess how old an Immortal is just by looking at them? A child can be older than an old man?

[Gemini] And what good is that going to do me, if I'm like him?

Gemini asks.

[Annie] Well, as time passes and he doesn't get a day older, he might realize that you're not a kid anymore, you just died when you were 17.

Annie shrugs again, leaning against the pillows.

[Gemini] You think?

Gemini asks, not sounding overly hopeful.

[Annie] He should have figured that by now, since you've died before him and all but he's a guy.

Annie sighs.

[Gemini] But regardless, I'm always going to be judged on my appearance first. Aren't I?

[Annie] Of course you are, you can expect that from people who don't know you. Mortals will do that for sure, some Immortals might not.

Annie thinks for a while and adds.

[Annie] Older Immortals who have learnt to suspect appearances.

[Gemini] I suppose being judged on my appearance could be used to my advantage.

Gemini says after a long moment of thought.

[Annie] Oh yes, same as being female. Immortal males always underestimate that also.

Annie shrugs when she thinks she's met a few exceptions.

[Annie] Most of them anyway.

[Gemini] Which is only for the best.

Gemini says.

[Gemini] I guess.

Gemini adds after a moment.

[Annie] And that's the reason some Immortals try to look younger than they really are, so they take their opponent by surprise. We use whatever we can to take an advantage.

Annie points out remembering she's crossed paths with some Immortals who did just that.

[Gemini] That's something I guess I should remember for the future.

Gemini says, more to herself than to Annie. As Gemini figured it, every advantage she could get over another immortal out for her head, the better.

[Annie] I won't let you forget it

Annie smiles briefly as she checks her watch.

[Annie] And that reminds me, afternoon lesson?

[Gemini] Sure. I think I could use it.

Gemini says, getting eagerly to her feet.

Annie raises an eyebrow when Gemini gets to her feet so fast, it's not like she noticed it happening before.

[Annie] Alright, get your sword then.

Annie says as she stands up from the couch.

Gemini flashed a brief smile, before heading off to her room.

Annie follows Gemini with her eyes for a moment before she murmurs, "Maybe there's still hope for you." Then she moves to get her sword.

To be continued

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***Next morning - 9 AM***

Craig is up on the roof/deck of his house boat. He's sitting on the small wall around the deck...sipping his cup of coffee and looking out over the peninsula. He loves the Puget Sound in the morning when all is still quiet.

David yawns as he parks his car in front of Craig's house. He was so jumpy last night he had a hard time going back to sleep even thought he'd decided not to return to his place and stay at a hotel instead. He smiles when he exits his car and sees Craig.

Craig feels an Immortal buzz and looks around. From his roof/deck he can see the parking lot and he sees David get out of his car. He glances at his watch and smiles with an approving nod.

[Craig] On time.

Craig says aloud and gets to his feet. Drinking the last of the coffee in his cup, David goes inside and heads downstairs to answer the door when David knocks.

David walks to Craig's house and winces a little when he feels the buzz even though he's expecting it. "Damn thing." He grumbles under his breath. He's beginning to doubt he'll ever get used to it.

Craig refills his cup and fills another cup with hot coffee for David while he waits for David's knock.

David stops at Craig's front door and looks around before he knocks on the door. He keeps looking over his shoulder while he waits for Craig to open the door.

Craig sets his cup on the kitchen bar and carries David's to the door. He opens the door and holds out the cup of coffee as he steps aside to let David in.

[Craig] Good morning.

Craig says with a grin as he waits for David to come in.

David gets the coffee cup while he walks inside.

[David] Morning. And coffee is most welcome.

[Craig] Thought it might be.

Craig says with a chuckle as he closes the door behind him.

[Craig] Did you get any sleep?

Craig asks as he walks over to the kitchen bar and picks up his own cup of coffee and takes a sip.

[David] Yes. When I was absolutely exhausted.

David takes a deep breath before he drinks some coffee.

[David] When I was almost asleep that lunatic with a sword came after me again so I'd open my eyes, over and over again. I didn't know it had impressed me so much.

David confesses with a sigh while he follows Craig to the kitchen and leans against the door frame.

Craig notices that David is empty handed.

[Craig] Are you working out dressed like that?

Craig asks...quirking an eyebrow. He takes a sip of his coffee and looks at David over the rim of his cup.

David shrugs looking down at his clothes.

[David] I have some clothes in the car. A sweater maybe?

Craig shrugs as he takes another sip of his coffee.

[Craig] Up to you. If it were me I would feel more comfortable in sweats or something.

David drinks the rest of his coffee and put the cup on the counter.

[Craig] Did you eat?

Craig asks walking around the counter and into the kitchen.

[David] I'd say it depends what you have in mind. You said you didn't want to beat me up today.

David nods watching Craig walk around the kitchen.

[David] And yes, ordered something before I came here.

[Craig] I don't need to. You're doing that enough for both of us.

Craig says setting his cup in the sink and opens the refrigerator door....peering inside.

[David] I am?

David asks raising his eyebrows in surprise.

[David] I'm beating myself?

[Craig] So.....ordered something?

Craig says ignoring David's response to his previous statement.

[Craig] Ordered? Like....what. Ordered a couple of donuts or something?

[David] Ordered room service, I decided to stay at a hotel on my way home.

David shrugs like he did it every day.

[David] Figured I wouldn't need to drive all the way down here in the morning.

Craig closes the door of the refrigerator since David has had breakfast.

[Craig] Help yourself to more coffee if you want. I'll go change and be right down.

Craig says as he walks out of the kitchen and heads for the stairs.

[David] Can hardly wait.

David says under his breath unenthusiastically as he decides to take Craig's offer and fills the cup again. He figures he needs to be awake for what Craig had in mind.

Craig goes upstairs and changes out of his jeans and t-shirt and into sweats.

Craig comes downstairs with his sport bag. He carries it into the kitchen and loads it with several bottles of water from the fridge then closes the bag and walks over to the coat rack by the front door. He looks back at David and quirks an eyebrow.

[Craig] Ready?

Craig asks as he grabs his coat and wraps it around his sword then reaches for the front door knob.

[David] As ready as I'll ever be, I guess.

David says before he drinks the rest of his coffee, puts the cup on the counter and walks to the door.

[David] Let's take my car, probably need to change anyway.

Craig follows David out to his car and lays his coat covered sword on the back seat then gets in.

David sits on the driver's seat, closes the door and starts the car before he asks, "So where to?"

[Craig] Don't you want to change clothes?

Craig asks and fastens his seat belt.

David turns his head to look at Craig suspiciously.

[David] That's the second time you asked me that, what exactly do you have in mind?

[Craig] Well...if you're comfortable working out in what you're wearing it's fine with me.

Craig says with a shrug.

[David] I have some clothes in the back, I'll change when we get to wherever we're going.

David shrugs as he turns his head to look back at the road.

[Craig] OK. In that case head for North Shore.

Craig says and sits back to enjoy the ride.

[David] I thought it was a secret or something.

David grumbles under his breath as he starts the car and drives off.

***10 minutes later***

[Craig] Pull in over there.

Craig says pointing to a turn out that over looks the peninsula.

[David] Yes, boss.

David nods as he pulls the car to one side of the road and stops.

[David] Now what?

Craig gets out and grabs his sword off of the back seat.

David asks after he turns off the engine.

[Craig] Follow me.

Craig says and leads David down a path that leads to a small cove. He leads David around a large outcropping of rock to a secluded area and lays his sword against a small boulder.

[Craig] You can change over there.

Craig says pointing to an area behind some bushes.

[David] Yeah, I better. I have a feeling I'm going to get all dirty, or wet, or both.

David nods as he walks to the bushes, then he throws his bag on the sand and starts taking of his clothes.

Craig opens his gym bag and takes out a practice sword which he leans against the boulder next to his own sword. Then, while David is changing clothes he does a few stretches to get ready for a workout.

David quickly changes clothes, glad he always carried some extra clothes in the trunk of his car just in case. Then he gets near Craig and starts his warm up.

[Craig] You can use this sword to practice with.

Craig says handing David the practice sword then picking up his own. He walks over to a wide spot of beach and waits for David to join him.

[David] How come I still don't have a real sword? Gemini already has one.

David grumbles as he follows Craig, he smiles when he remembers she doesn't know how to use it yet.

[Craig] Last time I checked you weren't Gemini and I'm not her teacher.

Craig says with a smirk.

[Craig] Okay. Open your legs out in this stance here.

Craig stands with legs apart and knees bent.

[David] Hmm no, not that I'd mind to have her teacher, she looks a lot better than you.

David says with a chuckle as he follows Craig's instructions.

Craig stands up straight and looks at David, scowling.

[Craig] Well....if you would rather have her for a teacher.....there are other things I could be doing.

Craig quirks an eyebrow at David.

[David] Hmm no. Great looks but...

David struggles to find the right word remembering how the woman had treated him.

[David] Bad attitude?

[Craig] Do you want to get serious about this, David or am I just wasting my time?

Craig asks seriously.

[David] Sorry.

David sobers up concentrating in what he was supposed to be doing.

Craig takes his stance again and waits for David to follow suit.

[Craig] Use you muscles.

Craig says and slaps David's inner thigh.

[Craig] Okay. Take the blade in your right hand . . . into an en garde position.

David sighs as he follows Craig's instructions, wishing and not for the first time, immortality didn't come attached to this.

[Craig] Bend your legs. Now go for a parry, here.

[David] Got it.

Craig raises katana blade toward left shoulder, then over his head and behind him.

[Craig] You're going to cut forward. Cut.

Craig brings blade around and down.

David quickly does what Craig told him, this part of his training he already knew well.

[Craig] Cut.

Craig repeats his move.

David repeats Craig's move again.

[Craig] Parry.

Craig holds blade over his head behind his right shoulder.

[Craig] Cut.

Craig brings blade around and down from the other direction.

[Craig] Lunge.

Craig lunges forward with the left leg, blade extended.

David keeps on following Craig's moves as they move on the sand.

[Craig] Good, now stay there. Stay there, don't move.

Craig moves closer to David.

[Craig] When you have your weight there...

Craig steps on back of David's extended leg, bending the knee.

[Craig] You're on the wrong foot. It puts you off balance.

Craig pulls on David's extended sword blade, moving him forward.

[Craig] See how easily I pull you off balance?

[Craig] Straighten this leg. Straighten it. Straighten it. That's good. The lunge is here.

Craig demonstrates lunge.

David shakes his head taking a deep breath.

[Craig] Good. Back again. Parry.

Craig holds blade over his shoulder again.

[Craig] Cut backwards.

[David] I'll never get the hang of it.

[Craig] You're not concentrating. 90% of sword fighting is concentration.

Craig says and steps backwards as he cuts the blade forward.

[Craig] OK. Again.

Craig begins sequence, moving forward.

[Craig] Parry.

Craig parries from left side.

[David] What's the use of concentrating if I'll never get the other 10%? I'm just not cut out for this.

[Craig] Cut. Parry.

Craig parries from right side.

[Craig] Cut. Lunge. Good. And back.

Craig moves backward

David complains as he keeps moving, he knows Craig well enough now to not **** him off when they're practicing.

[Craig] Parry, cut, parry, cut, lunge.

Craig continues the sequence.

[Craig] Now go back to your parry position. Show me your parry.

Craig waits for David to comply.

David sighs as he does as he's told, wondering if he'd asked for this last night or what, that talk with Craig seemed to be a little fuzzy now.

[Craig] Okay, that's a little low. You're going to have to bring it up a little higher. Otherwise you're going to get cut. Don't bring it down here, 'cause it's not going to save you.

Craig with David's blade too low, Craig rests his katana against David's neck.

[Craig] You'll have this happen.

Craig raises David's blade higher, hits it with his sword.

[Craig] Here. OK?

Craig steps away as David tries the corrected form a few times.

[Craig] Same on the other side. Just covering your neck.

Craig steps away and assumes his starting position.

[Craig] OK. From the beginning. A little faster this time.

Craig says and begins the sequence again.

David sighs and starts all over again, following Craig's moves.

[Craig] That's good. Back. Good. Make sure you parry with the strong part of the blade. Attack.

[Craig] Good. Very good. Same thing. Come on. Remember, it's going to come at you anyway. it won't just happen. Low. High. Low. High. Low. High. Other side. Strokes here, here, here. Come on. On the parry, you parry here.

Craig demonstrates.

[Craig] Here. All right? Parry. Try it again.

[David] OK.

David says as he starts all over again.

Craig continues to spar with David until David begins reacting out of instinct instead of having to think about each move.

[Craig] Good. That's right.

Craig lunges at David.

David blinks in surprise when he realizes he'd blocked Craig without thinking.

Craig lunges again.

[David] And how did I do that?

David asks still surprised, then he remembers Craig's instructions and after he blocks him again, he parries with a cut aimed at Craig's head.

Craig swings his blade upward, blocking David's cut and bringing the two face to face, their blades locked together. Craig slips his right foot behind David's and pulls his own forward, knocking David off balance and to the ground. He quickly places the tip of his sword just millimeters from David's throat and looks down at him.

[Craig] Remember.....use your other skills if you have to. Whatever it takes to get the upper hand.

Craig says and raises his sword. He holds out his hand to help David to his feet.

David rolls his eyes when Craig's puts his sword at his throat.

[David] Still didn't get tired of doing that?

David asks as he gets to his feet.

[David] I know you won when you knock me down.

[Craig] I'll tire of it when you knock me down.

Craig says seriously and assumes a starting position again.

[Craig] Now. Let's try it again.

Craig says and holds his sword in a position of readiness.

[David] Yeah, right.

David chuckles softly as he gets ready to start all over again.

[David] We'll be here till nightfall.

[Craig] Or later if that's what it takes.

Craig says and steps forward, swinging his sword from right to left....aiming for David's right shoulder.

David blocks out of instinct, then lunges at Craig.

Craig blocks David's lunge with an upward slice, knocking David's blade away. Then Craig whirls around, swinging his sword from left to right aimed at the right side of David's waist.

David turns and blocks Craig again, then he parries with a slice from right to left aimed at Craig's neck.

Craig ducks, feeling the breeze of David's blade as it slices above his head. He regains his footing and steps sideways which puts him behind David. Craig lunges forward.

David quickly spins around as soon as he realizes Craig is behind him and he blocks Craig's lunge with an upward stroke of his blade. Then he swirls his blade around Craig's a couple of times before he thrusts his upward, dislodging Craig's sword from his grip and sending it flying off to the side. Once Craig is disarmed he brings his blade around and stop it at the side of Craig's neck.

Craig blinks with surprise and looks into David's eyes. Without moving he says, "by George....I think he's got it," and he smiles proudly.

[David] You already taught me how to do that, remember?

David points out with a smile.

Craig waits until David lowers his sword then he straightens up and walks over to where his sword is lying on the ground.

[Craig] I may have taught you that move but this is the first time that you have used it without thinking about it.

Craig says as he picks up his sword and returns to where David is standing.

[David] Yeah.

David nods slightly confused, wondering how that had happened.

[David] Also blocked you without thinking.

David nods again remembering the fight.

[Craig] This time every move you made you did instinctively. Do you understand the difference?

Craig asks as he takes two bottles of water out of his gym bag and tosses one to David. He opens his and takes a long drink.

David catches the bottle in the air, then opens it to drink some water.

[David] Well for once I reacted a lot faster.

[Craig] You have had the knowledge for 3 years. But you always had to consciously think about what you were doing. Today you acted out of instinct.....unconsciously. Now the knowledge has become skill.

Craig explains and takes another drink of his water as he gets a towel out of his bag and wipes the sweat from his face.

[Craig] There is one other reason that you managed to do what you did. Do you know what that is?

Craig asks as he drapes the towel around the back of his neck and takes another drink of his water.

David frowns puzzled, he couldn't think of anything.

[David] Luck?

David offers with a smile before he takes another sip of water.

Craig shakes his head.

[Craig] Confidence.

Craig answers simply.

[David] Confidence? I thought I was going to lose again.

David shakes his head chuckling softly.

[Craig] No, you didn't.

Craig says as he puts his towel back into his gym bag and zips it shut.

[Craig] If you had thought that....I would have won.

Craig slings the strap of his gym bag over his shoulder and looks at David.

[David] Well it's not like I was going to lose without trying to win.

David shrugs as he moves to get his bag deciding to keep his clothes until he had a chance to take a shower.

[Craig] Let me ask you a question.

Craig says as he starts walking towards the path that leads up to where David's car is parked.

[Craig] When you were in the police academy....when did you know that you were ready to become a cop?

David follows Craig to the path still looking around to make sure he wasn't leaving anything behind.

[David] When I saw a guy trying to rob an old lady and I arrested him without thinking I didn't have a badge?

[Craig] And the first time you had to do some hand to hand combat......what kept you from either leaving it to your partner to handle or just running away?

Craig asks as they get to the top of the hill and approach David's car.

[David] It was part of the job, I chose that job and I'd trained for it.

David shrugs taking one last look back at the top at the hill before moving to his car.

[David] Besides you don't fail your partner, ever.

[Craig] A lot of people train for things but that doesn't mean that they are successful. All the training in the world doesn't mean a thing if you're not good at what you're training for.

Craig says as he puts his gym bag and the two swords in the back seat of David's car.

David throws his bag to the back seat before he seat at the driver's seat.

[David] I suppose you're right.

[Craig] Why did you come to work for me?

Craig asks as he gets in the passenger seat and buckles his seat belt.

[Craig] For that matter....why did I hire you?

[David] You're asking me?

David chuckles softly as he starts the car.

[Craig] No. The idiot sitting in your lap.

Craig says and rolls his eyes.

[David] You said you liked my... background?

David frowns trying to remember if that's what he said.

Craig shakes his head thinking, "he still doesn't get it."

[Craig] And you wonder why you don't have your own sword yet.

Craig says still shaking his head.

David rolls his eyes as he keeps paying attention to the road.

[David] Fine, I'm good at what I do, so what?

[Craig] Think about it, Bradford. When you can answer that yourself....give me a call.

Craig says with a sigh. He closes his eyes and leans his head back against the headrest.

***10 minutes later***

Craig opens the car door when David pulls into a parking slot of the wharf’s parking lot.

[Craig] Go home and get some rest. Don't forget you have an 8 AM appointment to do a security inspection at the Bellflower Corporation.

Craig says as he gets out of the car and retrieves his gym bag and the two swords.

[Craig] It's a multimillion dollar account and I expect you to land it for us.

Craig adds as he closes the back door of David's car.

[David] Nothing to worry about, Linda already reminded me when I called her to warn her we wouldn't show up today.

David tells Craig through the open window.

[Craig] And why shouldn't I worry?

Craig asks leaning down so he can see David.

[David] Because I never failed you before?

David points out with a smile.

[David] And I run the agency when you're away?

Craig, not getting the answer he is looking for, shakes his head.

[Craig] I hate it when people answer a question with a question. If they don't know the answer they should just keep quiet.

Craig says disgustedly and slams the car door shut. He walks way from the car and heads for the boardwalk that leads to his houseboat.

[David] Hey Craig, I know what I'm doing, you can trust me.

David raises his voice so Craig can still listen to him.

[David] It's a done deal.

[Craig] See you tomorrow.

Craig calls over his shoulder and waves. "Obviously I still have some work to do with you," Craig mutters as he heads down the boardwalk toward his house.

David waves back at Craig and starts the car to go home and take a shower hoping that psycho wasn't there waiting for him.

To be continued

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***Later that night***

David stops his car in front of Craig's place, gets out of the car and angrily shuts the door. "To improve this night the only thing missing is Craig not being home." David grumbles under his breath as he walks to the front door. He feels like smacking his forehead again for his stupidity, but the thought that guy might have been following him never occurred to him.

Craig is sitting in his favorite chair watching a mindless program on TV when he feels the buzz of another Immortal.

David stops and looks around when he feels an Immortal buzz, he'd been sloppy enough today, no need to be even more. After a while he decides it's coming from Craig's house so he knocks on the door.

[David] Craig? Are you there?

Craig lets go of of the hilt of his sword and slides it back under the chair when he hears David's voice.

[Craig] Yeah. Hang on.

Craig says as he gets to his feet and heads for the door of his floating home.

David keeps looking around over his shoulders while he waits for Craig to open the door.

Craig opens the door and looks at David, quirking an eyebrow curiously.

[Craig] What are you doing out so late?

Craig says with a partial smirk.

[Craig] I thought your bedtime was after the 6:00 news.

David jumps when Craig opens the door even though he's expecting it.

Craig says teasingly and steps aside gesturing for David to come on in.

[David] You know about that guy hunting Gemini?

David asks while he walks in the door.

[David] Well he's not after Gemini anymore.

David says while he paces around Craig's living room, too jumpy to sit down quietly.

[Craig] He's not.

Craig says more as a statement than a question. He closes the door and turns to look at David but he remains standing in front of the door.

[Craig] And why is that? Did she take care of him?

Craig asks doubting the answer will be yes since Gemini wasn't as advanced in her training as David was.

[David] Took Sarah out for dinner and then he makes a scene in the parking lot.

David explains while he stops to look at Craig.

Craig holds up his hands in a stop gesture.

[Craig] Hold on. Have a seat, take a breath and start from the beginning.

Craig says calmly as he points to the sofa.

[Craig] Would you like a drink? I have some Scotch and maybe a little whiskey or a cold beer.

David takes a deep breath, trying to calm down and then he walks to the sofa and sits down.

[David] I think I need something stronger than beer tonight. It's not every day a guy attacks you with a sword and you have to shoot him.

David takes another deep breath.

[David] In front of a mortal.

Craig walks into the kitchen to fix David a drink. When his back is to his student he mouths the words, "shoot him?" but he says nothing as he fills a tumbler with ice and some Scotch. He brings it into the living room, hands the glass to David and takes a seat back in his favorite chair.

[Craig] OK. Cliff notes give more details than you have so why don't you start by explaining how you ended up in the same restaurant as Lee.

Craig says as he sits back in his chair and casually crosses one leg over the other.

[David] He wasn't in the restaurant, I think he was following me.

David admits in an embarrassed tone of voice.

[David] I didn't notice him until he showed up in the parking lot.

[Craig] Man. This guy must be good to be able to follow you and you not know it. Buzz not're usually much more observant than that.

Craig says purposefully.

[David] Well, it never crossed my mind he'd be looking for me now that he lost Gemini, but apparently he is.

David sighs before he takes a sip, trying not to drink it all at once.

[Craig] David, David, David.

Craig says shaking his head slowly.

[Craig] Have you listened to anything I have said over the last 2 years?

Craig asks and rubs his hand over his face.

[David] Yeah, I know, I know.

David sighs unhappily.

[David] But I assumed he'd be looking for her and she got herself a teacher so...

David shrugs thinking he wouldn't mess up with that woman if he was Lee.

[Craig] need to be alert all of the time. There are other Immortals out there besides Lee that may follow you....try to set a trap for you...and you need to be ready.

Craig says leaning forward and resting his forearms on his knees.

[David] Well I'm still here, aren't I?

David points out looking up at Craig.

[Craig] So....he waited for you and your girlfriend to leave the restaurant and cornered you in the parking lot?

Craig asks getting away from the teacher lecturing his student mode.

[Craig] Sword drawn and everything?

Craig asks trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to form a picture in his mind.

[David] Yeah, I had no choice but to shoot him.

David says moving his legs, resisting the temptation to jump to his feet and start pacing again.

[David] What pisses me off is that he screwed up everything between Sarah and me. She's too shocked to keep dating me. Says she can't.

[Craig] He did this in front of her?

Craig asks a bit surprised. Most Immortals held to the unofficial rule that swords weren't drawn in view of a mortal.

[David] Yes, she didn't realize it, but I think he wouldn't mind killing her too.

David takes a deep breath looking down at his glass.

[David] She doesn't know about us, of course.

[Craig] She knows what you do for a living....right?

Craig asks frowning a bit.

[Craig] And she saw Lee threaten you with a sword?

Craig says looking at David.

[David] Yes, she works on Gemini's hotel, I was there on business the first time we met.

David nods in agreement.

[Craig] So she knows you carry a piece and some guy comes up to you out of the blue and threatens you with a big sword. What does she expect you to do? Laugh at the guy?

Craig says shaking his head again.

[Craig] Women. If I live to be a million I will never understand them.

Craig says with a sarcastic chuckle.

[Craig] So....back to Lee. What did he say to you?

[David] She didn't like the fact I shot the guy and then ran away without calling the police. How could I? The guy would come back to live any minute.

David shakes his head with an unhappy sigh.

[David] And he didn't talk much, just something original like get ready to die or something like that.

Craig looks at David and a slight frown crosses his face.

[Craig] Your father...or the man who raised you....didn't happen to be a preacher or something did he?

Craig asks some what seriously, although he is actually teasing.

David rolls his eyes.

[David] Come on, you know he was a cop, just like his father, and grandfather and so on.

David nods looking down at his glass.

[David] And I know what you mean, I would have done it if she wasn't there.

[Craig] Just wondering. Sometimes you act like you're a preacher's son. Never swear....never steal....never told a lie....Mr. Squeaky Clean.

Craig says shaking his head but chuckling softly.

[Craig] OK. So... did you come to me because you just needed to vent? Or did you come for some advice?

Craig asks looking at his student questioningly.

David rubs his forehead tiredly.

[David] I don't even know why I came here. Sounded like a good idea at the time.

[Craig] Well.....since you ARE here....

Craig says getting to his feet. He walks over and takes David's empty glass and goes into the kitchen where he refills it and pours one for himself. He carries them both back into the living room and hands David's to him then walks over and takes a seat on the Ottoman in front of his chair.

David takes the glass again and drinks a sip gesturing Craig to go on.

[Craig] You could have cushioned things with Sarah by simply telling her that you wanted to get her to safety and then faked a call to SPD while en-route to her place.

Craig takes a sip of his drink and shrugs.

[Craig] Or something along those lines.

Craig takes another sip of his drink.

[Craig] As for Lee.....I'm sure you acted purely out of reflex. And with your background as a cop... that is understandable. Sort of.

Craig clears his throat and sets his glass on the coffee table. He looks seriously at David.

[Craig] However...

Craig says... his tone becoming more that of a teacher than a buddy.

[David] However?

David urges Craig to go on, looking up at him.

[Craig] We don't have the luxury of acting out of reflex...acting without thinking. Because our actions always carry one sort of consequence or another.

Craig says seriously.

David frowns still looking at Craig.

[Craig] You had several different options available....all of which would have ended better for everyone concerned.

[David] So what would you have done in my place?

Craig shakes his head.

[Craig] Why don't you tell me what you think you could have done differently.

Craig remembers his own training and how Darius would make him answer some of his own questions instead of simply preaching and lecturing him. He found that those answers to his questions stuck with him more than if Darius had done his thinking for him.

David frowns thinking for a moment, then shakes his head.

[David] I don't see any other option. Not when the guy was coming right at me with a sword in hand.

[Craig] Are you completely sure about that?

Craig asks, knowing from his own experience that in 2 years time one could pick up a lot of knowledge and file it away without realizing it so it lies buried somewhere in the mind until called upon. It was also a way of determining how successful his teaching efforts had been over the last 2 years. If David honestly couldn't answer the question himself....maybe Craig wasn't doing his job and needed to step up his efforts. David couldn't train with him forever. At some point the kid would have to go out on his own.

David drinks some Scotch, then he takes a deep breath and nods.

[David] Fine, I almost told Sarah to wait in the car before I shot him but I was afraid he'd try to eliminate the witness before he came after me. I wouldn't risk her life when I was the only one who could protect her.

[Craig] OK.

Craig says and rubs his chin thoughtfully. After a few seconds he looks at David.

[Craig] If it had been me.....I would have told Sarah to go get the car so we could make a quick getaway. By giving her a task to do...making her think she has a part in the solution of the problem it gives her something to focus on besides her fear....or her judgment of you and it also removes her from the center of the situation. Then I would have kept Lee busy with some half hearted hand to hand....all the while "leading" him out of the public eye to a more secluded area where I would make an attempt to disarm him and maybe knock him out...but if I had to shoot least I could do it without anyone hearing the shot....and my mortal girlfriend seeing me shoot someone then leave.

Craig takes a sip of his drink and shrugs.

[Craig] But that's just me.

Craig adds hoping that it would at least give David something to think about.

[David] Hmm, I think I forgot to mention something.

David says rubbing his forehead tiredly.

[David] The parking lot was full when we got there so I had to park far away from the theater. When that Lee guy attacked us running away was out of the question, maybe I can run faster than him but I doubt Sarah can, we'd never reach the theater until he caught us up.

[Craig] What I think right now, that you're both emotionally and physically exhausted and no one thinks clearly that way and nothing can be learned when in that state.

Craig says and empties his glass in one gulp. He sets the empty glass on the coffee table and gets to his feet.

[Craig] Are you OK to drive home or would you rather use my couch tonight?

Craig asks as he stretches the kinks out of his leg muscles.

[David] Yes, I should get going.

David nods as he gets to his feet.

[David] Don't know why I came here when I could have told you in the morning.

David shakes his head, as he thinks it looked like a good idea at the time.

[Craig] Tomorrow....when you are rested....we have some serious training to do.

[David] Great. That guy didn't beat me up but you're planning to do it, right?

David grumbles thinking why did he come here in the first place.

Craig shakes his head.

[Craig] No. It's not going to be that kind of training.

Craig says with a smile.

[David] That should be a first.

David replies smiling despite himself.

[Craig] So....your house or my couch. Which is it?

Craig asks looking down at his student.

[David] I think I prefer my own bed.

David decides as he begins to walk to the door.

[David] And nothing to worry about if that guy attacks me again, I'll just shoot him and no mortal to save his head this time.

[Craig] me a favor.

Craig says placing his hand on David's shoulder as he reaches for the door knob.

[David] Sure, what is it?

David asks turning his head to look at Craig.

[Craig] Just go straight home....lock your doors and windows and don't answer matter who comes knocking. I don't care if it's Jesus Christ Himself. Then....when you wake up come straight back here.

[David] I was planning to go to sleep when I got there, and don't answer the door anyway. So sure?

David says raising an eyebrow.

[David] Anything else, boss?

[Craig] Yeah. That belt doesn't go with those shoes.

Craig says with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and a smarmy smirk.

David chuckles softy at the unexpected comment.

[David] Since when are you a fashion expert?

David asks expecting Craig to open the door so he can go home.

[Craig] What? You don't think my flannel shirt is styling?

Craig says teasingly as he opens his front door and holds it open for David. Outside the sound of the Puget sounds water lapped against the bottom of Craig's floating home.

[David] So what time do you want me to come here?

David says before he exits the door and looks back.

[Craig] Like I said.....when you wake up. I want you rested.

Craig answers.

[David] Alright, 9 am should do it then. Better call Linda to tell her I'll be here though.

David says as a way of goodbye and begins to walk to his car.

Craig watches David until he disappears down the boardwalk then he closes his door, locks it and returns to his favorite chair to watch some more TV.

To be continued

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***Next day - 7 PM***

David closes the door of his car in the parking lot, and looks around while he locks the door like he's used to do. He checks his watch while he walks to the restaurant, now that Craig is back, he's time to go out with Sarah, and doesn't want to show up late.

[Sarah] Thank you.

Sarah murmurs to the maitre'd as she is seat at a table for two. Hopefully David would be here soon.

David smiles when he comes in and sees Sarah already sitting at a table.

[David] Been here long?

David asks when he gets to the table and pulls the chair in front of her.

[Sarah] No.

Sarah says smiling at David as he sits.

[Sarah] Just got here.

[David] Good, I'd hate to make you wait.

David comments smiling back at Sarah.

[Sarah] You didn't.

Sarah smiles back.

[David] Have you ordered something?

David asks looking around for a waiter.

[David] We should order if we want to be on time.

[Sarah] Yes, we should order. And no I haven't yet. I'm looking forward to this. I've heard nothing but good things about Blue Man Group.

Sarah smiles.

[David] Well, I wouldn't know, never went to see it.

David shrugs looking back at Sarah after he managed to get a waiter's attention.

[David] I know who they are of course, they're hard to go unnoticed.

David adds with a smile.

[Sarah] They are hard to miss. But let's hope they're half as good as I've heard.

Sarah chuckles, then places her order as the waitress comes to take it.

David makes his order, then he tells Sarah trying to justify the quantity of food he'd ordered.

[David] Almost didn't have time to lunch, wanted to finish early so I could leave early.

[Sarah] Well, as long as you didn't skip breakfast. It IS the most important meal of the day.

Sarah says half teasing.

[David] Hmm, no, or I'd be too weak to work out in the morning.

David chuckles softly. He looks at her with a smile glad he's there with her, those Immortal women may be very attractive but they tended to treat him like a child which he found pretty irritating. Sarah treats him like the adult he is.

[Sarah] Good.

Sarah laughs.

[David] Actually I expect us to have breakfast together one day, who knows? When you're interested?

David offers teasingly, hoping Sarah would get the hint.

[Sarah] How's tomorrow sound?

Sarah asks raising an eyebrow with a smile.

[David] Tomorrow?

David asks surprised,wondering if she was offering that they'd finally spend the night together.

[Sarah] Took you long enough to hint around at it. Yes. Tonight, breakfast tomorrow?

Sarah says.

David frowns puzzled looking at Sarah.

[David] Why didn't you tell me before? This is the 21st century, you know? If you were interested why didn't you tell me about it?

[Sarah] Because, I don't want sex for the sake of sex. And I wasn't sure if you were interested. Unlike most guys... you weren't obvious. Or I would have let you know when I was interested.

Sarah explains.

[David] Because I didn't want to pressure you too much, of course I was interested.

David takes a deep breath looking down at the table, thinking about the time they'd wasted.

[Sarah] David... you're sweet. But you're also a guy. You're supposed to pressure just a tiny bit. The only other time I dated someone and wasn't pressured was when the guy turned out to be gay. I was starting to worry!

Sarah says with a laugh that invites David to share in her folly.

David chuckles amused.

[David] I can assure you I'm not.

[Sarah] That's all for the good from where I'm sitting!

Sarah laughs.

[David] Women should come with a manual, you can never figure out what they're thinking.

David shakes his head still smiling.

[David] If you dare to suggest sex, they say you can't think about anything else, if you don't they think you're gay. Go figure.

[Sarah] Of course!

Sarah laughs.

[David] So how bad do want to see that show?

David asks half joking, half serious.

[David] We could skip that and go to my place after dinner.

[Sarah] No. I really want to see the show.

Sarah grins.

David rolls his eyes, then shrugs.

[David] Fine, your call.

[Sarah] Besides, you've got to earn tonight.

Sarah chuckles.

[David] Oh really? I thought it was already decided.

David says smiling at Sarah.

[Sarah] Not for me.

Sarah chuckles.

[David] You're mean.

David chuckles back.

[Sarah] No. I'm a woman.

Sarah grins.

David frowns, looking at her intently.

[David] You are? I've never noticed that before.

David says in what he hopes is a surprised tone.

[Sarah] Okay... Now I'm worried.

Sarah says.

David tries to keep a straight face after Sarah's reply but fails and bursts out laughing.

[David] I wouldn't be if I were you.

David manages to say between chuckles.

[Sarah] Good!

Sarah says laughing along with David as the waiter arrives with their food.

***45 minutes later***

Steven has just come back to his hotel room after a light dinner when he hears the phone ringing. He rushes to the phone knowing only one person would call him there.

[Steven] Hello?

Steven asks impatiently, hoping to hear the voice he's expecting.

[P.I.] It's me.

P.I. says into the phone.

Steven grins evilly, there's only one reason the private investigator he'd hired to follow that guy from the Bower Agency would call him.

[Steven] You found her?

Steven asks right away.

[P.I.] Yeah, both of them are together.

P.I. says.

[Steven] I knew it. I knew he'd lead me to her.

Steven murmurs under his breath.

[P.I.] Girl, or young woman, medium height, brown hair, slender. And the guy.

P.I. adds.

[Steven] So where are they?

Steven asks when the PI doesn't say anything else.

[P.I.] They just went into the Blue Man Group show. Over at the Orpheus Theater, on the corner of Seymour and Smithe.

P.I. says by way of explanation.

[Steven] The blue what?

Steven asks with a frown, thinking he didn't understand it correctly.

[P.I.] Blue Man Group. They're a show that, that acts everything out through movement. They wear blue body suits... or something like that.

P.I. says shrugging, even though he knows his client can't see him shrug.

[Steven] Oh it's that modern nonsense.

Steven shakes his head wondering why people bothered to hear that rubbish instead of real music.

[P.I.] Yeah, something like that.

P.I. says shrugging again.

[P.I.] Anyway, the show should be out in about 2 hours.

[Steven] Good, I'll be there waiting for my... daughter.

Steven grins when he says the last word.

[P.I.] Give me a call again, if you need anything. If you're going to be here, I'm going to head home as soon as you get here.

P.I. says.

[Steven] Alright I'm on my way.

Steven nods and disconnects the call. He moves fast to his luggage to get the dagger he has in there while he thinks tonight will certainly pay off for all the time he's been waiting.

[P.I.] Alright.

P.I. says and hangs up the phone, not waiting to here his client's reply.

Steven grins evilly looking at the dagger, tonight he's going to take two Quickenings, or maybe save one for later who knows? He studies the map briefly to make sure he knows where to go and rushes outside of the hotel.

***2 and a half hours later***

Steven checks his watch again hiding in the dark near the wall of the theater, it seems to him he's been waiting all night. He wonders what they are doing, all the other cars had left the parking lot except a lonely car at the end of the parking lot. The trees near it give him an idea as he moves quickly to hide in there before anyone shows up.

David gasps in surprise when he gets to the theater door and sees no cars but his.

[David] I've told you it was taking too long, look at this. We're the last ones.

[Sarah] So?

Sarah asks arching an eyebrow.

[Sarah] I just couldn't make up my mind. Besides, what's the big deal?

[David] Well, it's just that it's getting late, that's all.

David shrugs keeping his hands in his pockets to look for the car keys.

[Sarah] What? And afraid I've changed my mind or something?

Sarah chuckles.

[David] Hmm, the idea has crossed my mind when it seemed you were looking for an excuse to stay in there.

David tells her truthfully, he didn't believe in starting a relationship on lies.

[Sarah] No. I really just wanted a souvenir from the show. The t-shirt will be my new nightshirt, but... not tonight.

Sarah chuckles.

[David] I certainly hope not.

David chuckles back, playing with the car keys in his hand.

[David] I liked the show but it would be a little bit too much.

[Sarah] It would get in the way, tonight.

Sarah grins.

[David] That it would.

David nods with a smile, then he extends his hand to her so she could take it.

[David] Come on, then.

[Sarah] Yeah. I think it's time to go.

Sarah smiles slipping her hand into David's extended hand.

Steven smiles when he sees a couple leave the theater and begin to walk in his direction. At last there they were, he thinks to himself.

[David] So my place or yours? I know I've suggested my place before but it can be yours, no problem with that.

David tells Sarah says while he walks to his car with her.

[Sarah] Yours is fine. You've been to my place before. I'd like to see yours.

Sarah says, wondering if his place was going to be a typical bachelor pad. If it was, she knew that she would insist on her place every night AFTER tonight.

[David] Alright then.

David nods in agreement. He's glad he'd been so busy than all he did at his place lately was sleep, so everything is in order.

Steven grins while he pulls out his sword, he knows they'll feel him soon. He prepares the dagger to stab the male while he takes care of the girl.

David walks a few more step and stops abruptly looking around, wondering who was the Immortal he'd just felt.

[Sarah] David?

Sarah asks confused and concerned when David suddenly stops.

David keeps looking around uneasily without paying attention to Sarah, he doesn't see anyone but knows someone is there.

Steven stays at the place he's hiding, waiting they get closer to the car and him. If he keeps quiet they'll think it was someone passing by.

[Sarah] David?

Sarah asks again, a little worried now.

[David] Oh, it's nothing, just thought I heard something.

David says trying to explain his behavior, he side glances at her with what he hopes is a reassuring smile.

Sarah frowns at David for a moment studying the expression on his face, before shrugging to herself.

[Sarah] Alright, let's go then.

Sarah says.

Steven frowns for a moment, the buzz he had felt looked different somehow but he shrugs it off, deciding it was too long to remember for sure. Just a few more steps and he'd be on top of them.

David keeps looking around but sees nothing, he decides to move to the car, they couldn't stand there all night. Sarah is already suspecting something. He moves the poncho they had to wear to see the show to his left hand in case he needs to pull out his gun.

[David] Alright, let's go.

[Sarah] Okay, then.

Sarah says, her voice implying it was weird.

Steven jumps out of his hiding place once they get close enough, his sword raised in his hand and almost gasps in surprise when he takes a good look at the female accompanying the guy from the Bower Agency. That idiot had found the wrong woman, no wonder the buzz felt different, this one was mortal.

[Steven] Am I surrounded by incompetents or what?

Steven murmurs under his breath as he slowly moves closer to the couple.

David stares at the headhunter in surprise for a second, the fool was making a scene in front of a mortal? He knows how fast a man with a sword would get to them at this distance, so he pulls out his gun and points it at the headhunter.

[David] That's close enough, damn you.

Sarah gasps as a man with a sword. A SWORD of all things! Jumps out in front of them.

[Sarah] Is this a new style of mugging or something?

Sarah mutters softly.

[Steven] Oh, you know that doesn't work without this to finish the job.

Steven grins moving his sword in the air.

David opens his eyes wide in surprise, thinking that fool was giving away too much, as if a sword wasn't enough.

[Steven] Why the surprise? She's already seen too much, you know what to do in that case, don't you?

Steven asks David grinning evilly.

[Steven] Only one way to solve this that I can think of.

Sarah is not quite sure what exactly the strange sword bearing guy means, by her seeing too much, but threatening them with a sword she understands. Sarah reaches into her purse feeling for her cell phone.

[David] You could walk away so I wouldn't have to shoot you. One more step and I will, I'm warning you.

David answers still pointing the gun at the headhunter.

[Steven] Then what? You'll never do what needs to be done afterwards with your friend staring at you.

Steven smiles smugly, shaking his head.

[Steven] Newbies are really amusing.

Steven keeps smiling while he studies the ground between them, preparing to cover the distance in a few steps.

Sarah's hand closes around the cell phone in her purse. She slowly starts pulling it out.

[David] I'll do whatever it takes to get her rid of you.

David answers wishing Sarah wasn't there, she was being an obstacle in the current situation.

Steven takes a deep breath, that brat was beginning to irritate him. like a Lee would ever be afraid of a gun. Too bad he couldn't kill the irritating brat right away like he was planning, he'd have to make him tell where that little friend of his was hiding. He's betting that he knew.

[Steven] I hope your aiming is good.

Steven tells David grinning evilly before he raises his sword and charges on them.

David shoots the headhunter four times in the heart before he falls to the ground.

[David] Top five of my class in the Police Academy.

David grumbles looking down at the body.

[Sarah] OH MY GOD!!!!

Sarah screams!

[Sarah] OH MY GOD!!!

Sarah screams again, and flips the cell phone open and starts dialing 9-1-1.

[David] Sarah, don't.

David says urgently, wrapping his arm around her waist to make her walk to the car.

[David] Get in the car.

[Sarah] We've gotta call the police!! You just shot him. I know he was going to attack us, but we still need to call the police.

Sarah says babbling.

[David] No, get in the car.

[Sarah] No, we've got to do something!

Sarah protests.

David keeps pulling in the direction of his car without further comment, all he wanted was to get her out of there before the headhunter came back to life, or then there would be something really hard to explain. He looks longingly at the headhunter's sword for a moment, cursing his luck for not being alone, the bastard was right, he wouldn't cut his head in front of Sarah.

[David] I am doing something, I'm taking you out of here. Or do you want to spend the rest of the night answering questions?

David says calmly, while he keeps pulling her gently but firmly to his car.

[Sarah] If answering questions is the right thing to do, then Yes! That's what I want to do!

Sarah cries.

[David] I'll call them once we're out of here, an anonymous call or something.

David promises trying to reach a compromise.

[David] Now get in the car.

David asks her again, fighting with his keys without letting her go.

[Sarah] David I thought you used to be a cop? How can you do this?!

Sarah cries.

David makes a face while he opens the car door, she had to bring that up, if he didn't know the guy would be up and running in a while, he'd never act like this.

[David] Makes no difference where I call the police as long as I call them.

David shrugs trying to make sense of it, while he gently pushes Sarah inside the car.

[Sarah] The hell it does!

Sarah says as David pushes her into the car.

David waits until she's properly sitting, then closes the passenger door and quickly runs around before she has the idea of open the door and come out. He side glances at the headhunter to see if he's already moving and is relieved to see, the man is still like he fell.

[David] I'll stop at a pay-phone or something.

David promises as he gets inside the car and closes the door. He thinks to himself while he starts the car, he's going to have to pretend, since he knows there won't be any body once the police gets there anyway.

[Sarah] Yeah right.

Sarah mutters not believing him.

[Sarah] Take me home.

Sarah adds flatly.

[David] That's all I want to do. No need to be upset.

David grumbles as he drives off the parking lot.

[Sarah] Take me home.

[David] We're on the way.

David nods while he tries to decide if he should go to Craig or not, apparently the headhunter was after him now.

To be continued

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