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« on: July 05, 2012, 06:17:59 am »
Jerald Garrison
Full Name:Jerald Garrison

DOB: 1802

Apparent Age: 35-40

Sex: male

Hair color:Grayish Brown

Eye Color:hazel



Nationality: American

Residence: San Jacinto, NV

Personality: Hard headed & stubborn, opinionated, independent, determined, territorial, grizzly.


History:Not much is known about Jerald Garrison before he arrived in San Jacinto, Nevada in 1839. Garrison was like many people who had come West for the Gold Rush. What specifically brought him to the small mining settlement is unknown as Garrison wasn't a social person...(keeping mostly to himself)...and he always managed to keep the conversation off topics that had anything to do with his life before discovering that he had been misinformed about the presence of gold in San Jacinto but, instead of gold, he discovered the hills that surrounded the small settlement we rich with silver.

From 1839to1844 Garrison continued to advance deeper into the mine...never giving up. On a couple of occasions he was forced to hire help because the deeper he went the more dense the rock he had to blast through was. On those occasions, Garrison would ride into town and get into a poker game.  As the night wore on, the weaker players at the table drank more and more so by the time they lost their last pot they were fairly to very drunk.  Broke and inebriated, the offer of a paying job seemed like a life preserver thrown into the sea to save a drowning sailor who had fallen over the ship's railing.  The only drawback was that hangovers and dynamite do not go together well.

When Garrison discovered his mine's first vein of silver and he legally registered his claim and the mine it came from...word spread like wildfire through San Jacinto and nearby settlements and those driven by greed and devoid of conscience began to spring to life....each with their own plan to relieve Garrison of his mine and its contents. Determined to advance the tunnels of his mine and equally determined to not let anyone take what was rightfully and legally his, Garrison started working day and night...(sometimes through the night)...setting booby traps for the predators and chipping away at the silver veins that ran through the walls of his mine.

Late one night...(his third night of work in a row)...Garrison was so physically and mentally exhausted that his brain wasn’t functioning clearly and he made a fatal error when placing dynamite to blast through some solid rock and before he had strung the fuse just a couple of feet, one of the small dynamite bundles fell from the spot Garrison had placed it.  On its way to the tunnel floor the bundle careened off of a jagged piece of rock that broke into several large pieces and a couple of those pieces landed on a large bundle of dynamite and the tunnel became a long chain reaction of explosions killing and burying Garrison in the ensuing cave-in.

Since Garrison had spent a lot of money in the settlement of San Jacinto the community its citizens got together and got the government to declare the Garrison Mine as an historical landmark and the mine was sealed off but left in tact.

Through the following years, as the settlement of San Jacinto, NV grew into a town, the US Parks and Recreation Service built a small camp ground near the entrance of the mine and a plaque telling the history of the Garrison Mine was placed near the entrance.

Although Jerald Garrison was never seen after what would have been his first death, there were times, over the years, that campers reported hearing what sounded like a pick ax hitting solid rock and the smell of bacon frying coming from the mine.  Plus there were a few campers that turned up missing after they decided to sneak over the fence that had been built around the mine's entrance and explore the inside of the mine.

Played by Candy

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